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DG347 - Seward Goat

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  • DG347 - Seward Goat

    Does anyone have any information on this goat permit hunt? The hunt area is just out of Seward on the west side of Res Bay, from Lowell Creek to Caines Head. I'm thinking about running up the ridge that is on the north side of Tonsina Creek. I hiked up there this summer and it wasn't too bad a place to get up to the ridge.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    Me Too!

    I drew this tag as well and just found out I will be able to get time off to do it. Don't know much about the area either. Any Seward people care to chime in.

    akkona, when are you going in?


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      Me 3...

      I am headed there next week (only time off for my partner). If I am not successful I might want to try again later, if someone were interested in teaming up (partner is leaving the state). I can share what I learn when I get back. I have never been there, so it will be interesting.


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        I am going the first weekend of Oct. and may be looking for a partner, so let me know how you did when you get back. I have a friend that wants to go, but no commitment yet.


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          Not sure when

          I'm not sure when I'll go, but probably not until sometime in September, depending on the weather. I'd also like to hear how Burke does.


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