Okay folks, this time I think I have it. I tried to post a poll on tipping your guide, but I messed up the questions. I tried to edit the poll but discovered that you can't do that. Soooo.... that poll is being deleted, and this one is taking its place.

There's been a pretty lively discussion of tipping your guide, and I thought a poll might be helpful for folks who are wondering about this question. While I realize that there are some strong opinions about this, I believe the most meaningful information for folks actually going on a guided hunt will come from people who are or have been directly involved with this issue, namely guided hunters and guides. So, here's how I'd like to do this. Anyone is welcome to post in this thread or the other thread on tipping your guide, but as far as voting on the poll, I'd like to limit that to people who have actually been on a guided Alaska hunt either as a client, or a member of the field staff (Class A, Assistant, Registered or Master Guide, Packer, Camp Cook, Wrangler, etc.). This particular poll is set up so you can vote on multiple things, and your name won't be revealed.

Thanks for your cooperation!