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Caribou Kotebue or Bettles?

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  • Caribou Kotebue or Bettles?

    Planing for a drop camp caribou hunt. Looking to go the 1st 10 days in Sept of 2007. Any ideas of which place to fly out of is best and what river basins have the most promising places to go. Been in contact with several air charters out of both, but they are very vague on letting me kow where they would be taking hunters.


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    I suspect that Bettles is less crowded than Kotz. Also somewhat closer to good caribou numbers, given the lateness of the migration the past few years. I wouldn't be too concerned about the drainage or river basin. Let the transporter pick the area. Hopefully he's been out in the area by the time you get there and knows where good numbers of bou are.
    I think you'll find that Bettles has a somewhat more hunter friendly attitude and you can even buy a beer there.
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