8/17 Haul roaders better bring whites



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  • 8/17 Haul roaders better bring whites

    Thats right sports fans..........its SNOWING!!!!

    For all you guys planning on joing the fray this weekend bring your whites.
    I'm sitting here at Pump 4 watching it come down. There appears to be an inch or two out on the tundra.

    It will probably warm up again at some point but the, eh-hem, ice is broken. Of course its the slope--it could snow anytime

    Weather at 0520: 31 degrees, north winds 5-10.
    If cave men had been trophy hunters the Wooly Mammoth would be alive today

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    Haul Road

    Thanks for the weather update, at least there won't be any bugs! How about the number of caribou? Should make for an interesting hunt, I won't be headed up until Monday so it could all be gone by then anyway.


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      Does anyone have a place where you can pick up some of those lightweight coveralls in white? Just looking for the un-insulated ones. Erik, I sure do appreciate your updates!! Will be up there the first and second week of Sept. EricL


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        Anyone else that could continue to add to these updates the info would be appreciated, I will probably be up that way the 2nd week of Sept.




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          Haul Road update

          I just got back today. Not a lot of snow on the ground, mostly just a good dusting here and there. All the Caribou were between Happy Valley and Pump Station 2. They were slowly beginning to move into the flats out of the hills. No big groups, just widely scattered bands. Lots of big bulls. I did get a shot, right under his belly. Oh well, thats bowhunting, it happens. Better a miss than a poor hit. I should be heading back up in a week or two to try again.


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            You guys hunting up there might also like to know that the Troopers are writing many parking tickets. You can't just park in the road and head out across the tundra chasing a big caribou. Although it does not look like it it the Dalton is a highway and rigs parked on the traveled surface are a hazard. There is plenty of shoulder in most places to get off the road and if there isn't you need to just move on down the road to a place where you can get off the road. I don't know how much the tickets are but I have heard they are not cheap. They have a truck, airplane and helicopter so beware. Also if you are a mighty road hunter keep an eye in your mirror as there might just be a big truck fixing to pass you when you are planning a u-turn or opening your door for a better look. There is no caribou in the world worth a traffic accident..


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              Does anyone know how much a ticket I$?


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                Tickets are $110 and 2points off your driving record!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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                  They were passing them out again yesterday. I saw rigs parked that were not even pulled over at all, just sitting right in the middle of the road. I guess some guys just get a little brain-dead when they see that big game and they slam it in park and start the stalk. Good thing there is not any tow-service up there or many guys would be heading down to the impound to pick up there rig.

                  On another note you don't need your whites anymore. All brown and in the 50's yesterday.


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                    [quote=Erik in AK]
                    It will probably warm up again at some point but the, eh-hem, ice is broken. Of course its the slope--it could snow anytime

                    snow is always in the forecast


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