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Our hunt lastnight....

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  • Our hunt lastnight....

    We had a great time lastnight playing with this little fellow. Jim and I headed down to some land a friend of ours has and were walking around just seeing what we could see, when we ran across this little guy 26 yards away.
    He moved away, Jim glassed, He looked at me and said Its a fork horn!
    We quietly snuck threw the weeds and bushes. We had lost sight of him at one point, then all of a sudden he popped up out of the bushes he was laying behind (11 yards away). WE FROZE! It was a total staredown for about 5 minutes. Finaly Jim told me to move away, walking at a angle I slowly moved off...all the while swaying my hands back and forth above my head. (I had seen this on a video!) haha....I never in my little mind ever thought it would work, it was worth a try. But as I moved away I made as much noise as I could, waving my hands, he snorted, licked the air and grumbled. The further away I got the more corious he became.

    In the mean time, Jim was at full draw for what seemed forever x3! We couldnt get him to turn away to give him a good side shot. I got about 50 yards away and he started coming towards me, then he would walk the other way in circles and come back at me......Then finaly, he came out of the bushes and Jim had a clear shot. I know hes not the biggest bull of the year, but oh boy is he going to be good eating! Not to mention the adrenaline rush I had being the BAIT! ha!

    Anyhow, here is our first stalk. Man, Im liking this archery stuff!

    Thanks for letting us share! Debbie
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    Don't pick a fight with an old man. If he is too old to fight, he'll just kill you.

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    I should have said our first stalk together (Jim has killed many with his bow)...This certainly isnt our first moose, but in the past we have shot them. Personaly I thought there was more "game" in hunting this way. I had a blast!

    Don't pick a fight with an old man. If he is too old to fight, he'll just kill you.


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      Very nice.


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        we had one close like that to a couple days ago but couldn't get a shot.
        Moose burgers for you!


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          Congratulations, moose meat is moose meat, horns are terrible and not even good as a soup bone.



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            Glad to hear you are bow hunting together. Certainly a nice moose for the freezer. Great job!


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              I've gotta say that I disagree with dwhunter...moose meat isn't all the same....spike/fork moose are even better than the big guys! Congratulations!! I'm really jealous, and wishing that I could have spent more than just opening day in the woods. You've got me motivated to go try again.



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                Best eating bull out there

                Were you up north or in the valley?


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                  Well I gotta disagree with both B M and dw. Larger moose put on more fat. Fat meat tastes better than thin. This time of year a large bull will have a much better layer of fat than a spike/fork. I've heard alot of folks say how good the small ones are, but the moose meat I remember the most has come from mature fat animals.
                  I don't know what dw does with the horns/antlers from his moose, but a large 60 or over rack can fetch as much as 500 bucks (legally) on the taxidermy market. 500 bucks buys alot of good food where i live.
                  I can't help being a lazy, dumb, weekend warrior.......I have a JOB!
                  I have less friends now!!


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                    Perhaps when I get a 60 + rack I will look into the options but until such time I will continue to not eat the horns as I implied in my remarks above.



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                      Filet mignon...(sp)

                      DW, I would have to agree with you. The horns dont make the moose, but then again, we have our set from last year (60")...we dont NEED a trophy. This was a meat run if you know what I mean...its the thrill of the hunt, getting out doing something together and filling the freezer. A trophy? that would be nice...but not required....

                      PS...we are having filet mignon tonight....jealous yet? I'll tell you all what I think after dinner....<grin>

                      Marten, this little bull actualy had quite a bit of fat on him. We were suprized. The cow we got lastyear didnt have nearly the fat he does. Marten, those horn gods will get you! Ha!

                      Don't pick a fight with an old man. If he is too old to fight, he'll just kill you.


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                        Tenderize Moose Meat

                        Ok Fellow Hunters !!! Should You Be So Blessed To Harvest A Small Or Large Moose .. Being Blessed By The Hunting Gods ...let Me Share A Brief Fact ....i Lived In The Great Northwoods On The Maine/canadian Border Where Over A Hundred Moose Are Killed By Vehicules On This One 50 Mile Section Of Road. Where Moose Are More Plentiful Then Huge Whitetails ..where It Takes A Hunter Sometimes 10 Years To Draw A Moose Tag In The Remote Wilderness There ...we Are Allowed By Asking The Local Wardens For A Moose Road Kill ....of Course You Would Perfer A Moose Kill In The Late Fall Or Winter Cold Months ....and You Would Discard Alot Of Bruised Meat By The Logtruck/car Hitting The Moose ...but As I Learned Young ....take Any Moose Meat & Soak It In Buttermilk (.i Perfer Overnight ) But A Couple Hours Is Well Suititde ..the Meat Is Superb.....i Hope This Brings Light To The Issue Of Small Moose Versus Large Moose ....thou We All Have Prefrences .. And I Respect Everyones Taste Buds ..let Us All Be Content That We Live In Alaska And Can Take A Small/large Moose Every Year ......fresh Meat Is Always Better Then Road Kill...but Living In The Remote Wilderness One Has To Survive !!!


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                          nice bull, congrats
                          Living the Alaskan Dream
                          Gary Keller
                          Anchorage, AK


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                            My freezer is empty. That looks like a fine trophy to me! He will be great eating.


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                              Thank you everyone! The filet mignon was awsome the other night, we had it again for breakfast this morning. I cant say that the bigger bulls/cows we have had in the past were as good as this boy. There is no game taste to him at all.
                              That was some GOOD eating! I cant wait to get the sausage, etc back!

                              I still cant believe I did what I did to get this moose, I think thats the biggest thrill of the whole thing. I have never been "bait" before....Now lets just hope Jim doesnt decide this was a good idea and use me as BEAR bait...HA!

                              Thank you again for letting us share. We wish everyone luck in the up and coming moose season! Good luck Guys/Gals...

                              Don't pick a fight with an old man. If he is too old to fight, he'll just kill you.


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