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  • ft rich moose hunt

    i drew bull moose muzzleloader on ft rich from sept. 5th to nov. 15th. and was wondering when everone thought the peak of the rut would be. i got alot of different answers from the guys i know and was wondering since these moose have been born and raise around humans i figured definenly focus on the peak of the rut. i'll have a two week window to hunt and want to maximize my chances. thanks rob

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    Moose Hunt


    You need to contact Mr. Marc Sledge at Fort Rich he is the person in charge of the Wildlike program. Contact the operator at Fort Rich and ask for the wildlife office

    Later Moose


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      The rut around Anchorage seems to really get rolling in the first week or two of October. While not Ft. Rich, the moose up on Powerline Pass are awesome to watch around this time every year as they fight and gather up their harems. Actually, they start gathering the cows in mid-late Sept, but the peak is probably right near the beginning of Oct. Good luck!



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        Thanks guys for the info. I have talked with dave battle on ft rich. but we just talked rules/restrictions/access. I've just been busy with this north slope fiasco and kept missing dave when i had a chance. seems the last week of sept til mid oct would be the best time. all dialed up and ready to go, can't wait!! thanks again.. rob


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