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  • Moose Burger

    Anybody ever make their own moose burger? Would I just use a standard meat grinder with beef fat or what? If so, what kind of ratio.

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    east to make

    I don't mix any fat with my game burger. The reason is that #1 we like lean meats and #2 you don't necessarily want a bunch of fat in your chili or spaghetti or anything like that. Maybe for hamburgers it is good because it makes them stick together, but it just gets in the way for anything else. Also, the fat is what goes bad first. Meat without fat stays good longer in the freezer.

    I used to use an attachment on my wife's Kitchen-Aid mixer. This last year I bought a little $60 or $70 grinder from Wal-Mart. That thing works much better. Still, it's a laborious process. Cut your meat into strips and they seem to feed better.

    Finally, I recommend packaging small packets (the smallest that you would think to use) because you can always pull out two if you need more, but you can't pull out half a package.

    A lot of people will mix 10-15% beef fat.


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      We like to add some beef suet to the moose meat. We usually purchase the fat at Safeway and grind it ourselves. Grind a good sized batch, then put it back through a second time to get a good blend. Good luck.


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        I use 7% in all of my wildgame burger. Helps the patties stick together and is still super lean for everything else.



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          Standard meat grinder will work, hell I had 2 Kitchen aids with attachments working it. We added about 10% to ours.


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            moose burger


            I grind up a lot of my moose meat or have Delta Meat and Sausage grind added fat as I don't want the cholesterol in that good meat and as Oregon Hunter says fat goes bad first.....I poly wrap and then butcher paper wrap and it will keep two years easily.....burgers will hold together well if you add a bit of olive oil and cracker crumbs....I consider good moose meat to be one of nature's finest and healthiest meats therefore no added fats....


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              1# of your choice of bacon for every 5# of moose meat.


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