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  • 1st Moose Hunt

    This year will be my first moose hunt ever. Last year I took a deer on Kodiak and I have been hooked on hunting ever since. Ive got my new gun and am going for a moose hunt up north of Fairbanks. I was wondering what the general technique is for hunting these beasts. Is it more of a sit and wait kind of game or go hiking for them? Any advise will be appreciated to the fullest of extents.

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    Not really an answer to that one buddy. I shot one that I glassed from over a mile away that was bedded just above tree line in the last afternoon. I have shot two while slowly walking a ridge top early in the morning and I called one in from over a mile in the late afternoon only to shoot him at 120 yards. Finding one with horns is the toughest part. In the early season they arent responsive to calling, in the late season they are, both small bulls and big ones. Hunting pressure runs them around pretty good but I find that the quiet of late evening without the sounds of wheelers putting across the mountains allows them to relax and feed. So early morning can be good in heavily hunted areas. In secluded areas without lots of pressure the early morning and late afternoon hunt can both be good. Good luck, them ones with horns are a lot harder to find than you think. Best advice I can give you is to be in the woods, you never know when one will cross your path. The biggest moose I have ever seen dead was 74" and was shot by a buddy of mine in the middle of the afternoon after he almost ran into him at 30 mph on a 4wheeler. They're out there. That bull did go B&C by the way, and yes he's a lucky SOB!


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      Yeah I kind of figure if I just work the edges of the swamps and in the trees I might get lucky. We shall see, I do know my adrenaline is already pumping.


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        Good Luck To All 1st Timer's

        Good Luck MMJ! My 10 y.o. son also will be going on his first hunt where he gets to carry his own rifle and use his own harvest ticket. I think he's so excited that he's vibrating in place!
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          Good luck to all first timers

          Next year will be my first moose hunt. I have been doing some research. I picked up a great DVD on calling moose. I bought it at a place called Wiggy's-Of Alaska near the intersection of Diamond and Old Seward. If you're not economically near town you can order from them online or give them a call I believe. They use a call called a "Moose Magnet" and show how to use it in the DVD. The same guy that invented the call made the DVD. I'm not a promoter, just happen to sound like one I guess. This year I'm going to try it out with my camera for a weapon, next year the rifle.


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