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20A Cow Moose - Realistic Chances?

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  • 20A Cow Moose - Realistic Chances?

    A friend of mine has asked me to take him hunting this fall, and unfortunately we're both restricted to weekends. We'll probably do some moose hunting nearby hoping to find a spike, but I've also been looking at RM 764 as an option. I know that this hunt has been something of a zoo in the past few years and that they've reached their harvest quota pretty quickly near the road. That being said, it also seems like it might be a decent opportunity to help my buddy fill his freezer. As someone who's been on a fixed income for some time with a healthy load of student loans to repay, filling the freezer has become something of a priority for this new hunter. Of course I'd rather take him out to a less-crowded place, etc, but we'll do what we have to this fall. So, my question is if we would have a realistic chance of success if we didn't start hunting until Saturday morning? The season opens Friday, and I know that the Ferry and Rex Trails will have their will it be worth our time, or would we be better off sticking closer to home in areas that I'm familiar with? I've never hunted 20A, but am always up for trying something new. Anyone have any experience to share? Thanks in advance!


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    Gotcha in PM, I could explain a bit about Ferry too.


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      For starters the cow hunt this year in 20A is Archery only in zone 3. So, for the cow portion you may not see as many people as in the past. But come 1 September when bull season opens, you will see everyone there. Your chances of shooting a cow have decreased with it being archery, that's why this years quotta is only 50 in zone 3. It will take a while to fill with a bow.


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        I hunted 20A area 2 and 4 last year in late october and we saw three other groups in 10 days. There are a lot of moose back in there and the Rex trail can be nasty and with all the rain I do not want to imagine what it will be like this year after the big rigs go in. That being said I am planning my trip in. remember no wheelers in area 4 or off the left of the rex trail past the second river until October 1, and the bull hunters will be gone and they leave some really nice base camps out there.


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          Oct 1

          Hi, Foodog2 or others.
          Are you saying we can 4whl in area 4 Oct.1 ? Also (I beleive) going in on left is a restricted cow hunt untill Tatlinka Creek.
          Good Luck. Riverlover


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