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Haul Rd. + Boat = Caribou?

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  • Haul Rd. + Boat = Caribou?

    I am possibly looking at going up north to try and do som bou hunting this weekend. My buddy has a phantom and we are thinking of using to get outside the 5 mile corridor to do some rifle hunting. Is this possible, is this a good idea, and if so...where and what are the conditions of the river we would go in on? I have heard the Sag to the Ivishak is a good way...I would do the bow hunt but I retired my old hoyt after I got my last elk in Arizona. Haven't got a new one yet... Thanks in advance for any help...

    Happy hunting...

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    Hey Now If from Az also and have a Phantom,are you sure we are not friends?
    Talk with Craig at Compeaus and he'll tell you how the Sag is as he's had Phantoms up there and he"ll let you know how the conditions where.I havent heard nothing on it myself for this year,but good luck to you both.


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      The problem with bigger boats is that they all have to stop at the 5 mile mark. So you'll have company. The Ivishak gets real shallow after that. Pretty much airboats only. So you'll have to decide if it's worth hauling your boat up there just to be around a bunch of people.


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        Just came back from the up there. The weather was all rain. I saw several boats with caribou racks coming back. The boats I saw was the typical 16-18' boat with a 50hp jet. If you are taking a boat plan on taking your time. I saw a fairly new boat that had lost a tire and broke an axel. The folks at Coldfoot was helping them out but it was not sounding like a cheap fix. That is a lot of rough road for a boat.


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