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DB 990 Dalton Hwy Grizzly Tag

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  • DB 990 Dalton Hwy Grizzly Tag

    Never hunted for brown bear on the slope have seen a few on the 3 Bou hunts I've been on up there along the river. I drew the tag this year and will be heading up on Sept 4th for 8-10 days. Would like any info from anyone on a good area to start this hunt IE. pump 2, ect any help would be great thanks.

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    Your Best Bet Is Talking To Other Hunters, The Bears Are There But They Know The Hide Game. Also I Would Watch When Going Threw The Coldfoot Area. Be Aware That They Are A Little Agressive Up North.

    Happy Hunting!


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      Thanks I'll chat up as many as I can when I get there.


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        Hike up the West Fork of the Atigun River about a mile or two and find a spot a few hundred feet up one side of the valley or the other and glass.

        It takes an awful lot of acreage to support a bear that far north so be patient. Another good spot to watch is between Slope Mtn and the bluff across the Sag from Pump 3. There is a band of muskoxen in the area and the grizzlies have been keying on them for the past few years.
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          Thanks Erik in Ak,
          Saw the heard of Muskox at pump 3 last year and really liked that area to hunt for Bou so I'll check for bears there for sure. I've seen bears up there from Oil spill Hill all the way to the Tesoro gas pump in Prudoe (sow and cub in garbage) so gonna spend a lot of time glassing for sure and if luck holds make a clean and quick kill undetected.


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