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    I am coming up to Alaska this September to help my grandpa. My dad is staying about a week and then coming back to Montana, but I plan on staying for atleast a couple of more weeks. Maybe if things work out I will stay up in Alaska and only come back to Montana to get the rest of my belongings. I was hoping to go on a small hunting trip this year. My only problem is that I am on crutches. You are probably wandering what happened, well I'll tell you. Last February, some of my friends and I decided too go to New Orleans to help with relief work after hurricane Katrina. Well the second morning I couldn't sleep so I decided to take a walk at 3:00 am. and on my way back to were i was staying, crossing a highway I was hit by a car moving fast. I was drug for 50 yrds, and my left leg was shattered. Surpisingly my leg was the only part of me that was damaged aside from a little road rash. But I'm doing fine now, I can start to put some presure on my leg and I have a doctor's apointment on the 27th hopefully he will let me put all my weight on my leg.

    So I was wandering who to contact, and how much a small hunting trip would be. Sorry for the sad story.

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    what animals?

    Shiloh, what animals are you thinking you'd like to hunt? and what part of the state will you be visiting? Hunting on crutches in Alaska will be a tough chore.

    Send me a PM and I'll try to help you out.
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      I should have said in my post but I was thinking of Moose or Caribous. I'll be in Soldotna for a week and then maybe in Anchorage. A friend in Anchorage said that I could stay at his place until I found a place and a good job. Your right about hunting on crutches would be a chore, I'm hoping that when I come up I wont be on crutches. But I'll have to see what the doc says.


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