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    This summer, I bought a 28' Bayliner, which I run out of Whittier. My freezer is already full of fish, so I would really like to turn my attention to adding some red meat to my stores! I plan to take the boat out to find some bambis over the coming weekends. Can anyone tell me 1) where in western Prince William Sound I will be most likely to find some deer, and 2) the best way to hunt deer from a boat? Is it best to slowly cruise the shoreline? What terrain should I be keeping a watch on? More importantly, what beer goes best with a deer hunt? Any and all advice is appreciated.

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    Most of the islands have deer, and the islands closer to whittier see more pressure therefor the deer are much spookier. The deer generally don't come down low until the snow pushes them down, which is typically late October at the earliest.

    Early in the season, you need to hike up high, glass, glass, and glass.

    The blacktails are well suited to their environment, and they can easily evade you without you ever seeing or even hearing them.
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      AK_Kid - This is probably a little over-eager on my part, but I grew up commercial fishing in the Sound and know the area really well. Although I haven't done much hunting out there, I know some good areas to find deer. Would you be interested in someone to split costs with? I only have weekends, but would sure love to chase some deer. Either way, shoot me a PM and I'll share some ideas.



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        Alder Smoked Porter from Alaska Brewing Company
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          Now THAT'S the kind of advice I'm lookin' for.


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