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  • First Sheep!

    Well after my brown bear hunt anything else this year was supposed to be icing on the cake. In the process of planning a 2008 sheep hunt things just kind of came together to do the hunt this year. I flew in on the 10th because of an obligation at work and met up with my partner who had been in since the 6th. We hunted pretty hard the first couple of days and ended up both getting rams on the 12th. He shot his at around 5:00 p.m. and I ended up getting mine at around 9:30. Mine isn't the biggest sheep but I wasn't about to pass on a legal sheep. I had come very close twice before in the hunt on my sheep so I was very happy to finally seal the deal on him. The hunt was amazing and was by far the most physically challenging hunt I have ever done. Hope everyones season is going good. I am not great with pictures so hopefully they will work.
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    Now let's hear the story!
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      Kyle, your on fire! You want to sprinkle a little of that dust on me! Congrats.


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        I hope he's 8 yrs old ???????????
        I ♥ Big Sheep


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          Nice.. congrats. Head out on my first sheep hunt in 9 days.


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            Good eating there. Please report back to the group with details of how the sealing process went with ADFG. It will help the participants here to see pictures of sheep taken, and then real live feedback from individuals that go through the procedures. Letting the audience know which ADFG office did the sealing will help as well. Pics of the other sheep? Comparisons of rams is a good thing.
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              Nice sheep, good job


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                congrats Kyle...

                on a great hunt in a gorgeous place.
                Did this guy go 360* or did you have to count annuli? A side view might help newbies with ID'ing annuli on that next Ram in their spotting scope....
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                  sealing and details

                  Just got back from the Game and Fish office in Fairbanks. Took about 15 minutes to have them take the measurements put in the plug and complete the seal. He was close but not close enough on the full curl which was expected. He was 8 years old according to one guy and 9 according to someone else. Officially he went down as 8. Luckily for me the day I flew in (the 10th) this ram came pretty close to camp with three other small rams. My partner has the best optics money can buy and we had about 2 hours to watch him and count rings. Once we knew he was legal we decided to go after him the next day. My partner has already taken a couple really nice sheep so he wasn't interested in this one. Being my first one my only requirement was that it was a legal sheep.

                  We climbed for a couple hours on the 11th and started glassing. We found my sheep feeding on the other side of the mountain. Once they bedded we watched them for about 5 hours waiting to see where they were going. We got within 283 yards of one of the smaller rams but couldn't catch up with the bigger one. We were right on them one minute while they were walking in the creek and then they disappeared. I stayed up high while my partner headed back to camp and took a second look at the other side of the mountain from below. He signaled to me that the sheep were around the side of the mountain and we met back up and went after them. We got within 500 yards and positioned ourselves above them across from the drainage they "appeared" to be going up. They went out of sight for a few minutes and then all of a sudden took off on a dead sprint across the bottom and up the side of the mountain across from us. Needless to say we didn't get a shot.

                  The next day we climbed the opposite mountain and found my sheep as well as two other full curls. My sheep disappeared again and the two full curls started coming down to feed. We positioned ourselves as best we could and got close enough for me to miss and my partner to drop his. While we were caping the sheep we looked up on the top of the ridge and my sheep was looking down at as. Once he went out of sight we climbed to the top of the ridge hoping to interecept him. He crossed to an opposite ridge and was feeding on the side of the mountain. I got the rifle on my pack, settled down and dropped him with one shot. He rolled towards the edge of the mountain but stopped before going off.

                  We packed all night stopping for a couple hours to sleep. Our plane came in early and got us the next day at around 4:00 p.m. Coming down that mountain with the full load was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I will try to attach some additional pictures of my partners sheep and a side view of mine.
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                    Nice description of your hunt and congratulations on your ram. Which air service did you use?


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                      Nice Sheep Sir.
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                        That's awesome!!! I said I would never go back after last season's sheep hunt. But put the pain a couple months behind ya and I'm ready to go back and try it again. CONGRATS


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