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  • Haul Road SOON!

    I am heading up the haul road from Fairbanks in two weeks. We plan to start hunting around pump station 2. Has anyone seen any caribou lately? I have never hunted the haul road but hear it is great hunting. Would anyone reccomend taking hip waders or hip boots. I plan on bringing hiking shoes but am not sure if I need more than that. Also, is it worth buying a wolf license? Is there much chance of getting within range with a bow? Any info regarding the haul road for a first timer would be excellent.

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    Huntingn the Haul Road


    I've been up a few times and will be up again this weekend. Bring extra tires as the nearest repair may be 100 miles away. Make sure your vehicle is in good shape.

    I don't bring waders as there is little to wade. The Sag is too large to wade across. Good waterproof hiking boots are good. The tundra is hummocky, lots of tufts to try to balance on as you walk. You won't run anywhere fast out there.

    Temps are in the 20's to 40's. Prepare for snow anytime.

    The scenery is great. Musk ox, foxes, squirrels and ptarmigan. Bring blunt or Judo's for ptarmigan, that's always fun. Wolves? I 've seen one, but there would be little chance of getting close, so skip it.

    Caribou come and go, so be patient, drive and enjoy the scenery until you spot a group, then plan your stalk. They move quickly so trying to catch them is impossible; better to ambush or stalk a bedded animal.

    Good Luck!! We'll be driving a Blue Ranger.


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      we waded it just fine last year near icecut, and my wife is 5'1". Naturally this year has been much wetter, but by mid late sept, things could change--alot.
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        I was up there last aug, you waded because water levels were extremely low, that is no the norm, and not likely to be the case this year due to all the rain up there. Never plan on wading the sag. Take a small raft and do it that way


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          I did take my raft last year--aire traveller--and never needed it. The river was safe and wadable.

          Time will tell if river is up or down....can be a big diff. in water levels between Aug and Sept north of the Brooks.
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