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  • Hinchinbrook

    Heading down to Hinchinbrook for a Thanksgiving deer hunt. My son and I will be hunting with a 308. My buddy and his Son will be bow hunting. This is my son and my first deer hunt. A couple of quesions: Is calling deer the best method? We've both in good shape-are the higher elevations better that time of year? Any suggestions would be appreciated. thanks

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    That is a great place to hunt deer. I have shot them from the beach to the top depending on conditions. You can call them in but watch out for bears, they will come to the call as well and there are plenty around if they have not gone to bed yet.

    Glassing and stalking works well, you can do drives if there is snow and the deer are concentrated down low. I would recommend that the bow hunters hunt with a partner that is packing a gun, but I do know guys that bow hunt alone there as well.

    The weathe can be terrible that time of year. Are you tent camping, boat hunting or renting a cabin?

    Good luck.


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      By late Nov you should be able to find lots of deer down low. If there's little or no snow, be very aware for bears as was already mentioned. What part of the island are you planning to hunt?
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        We are renting a cabin. A buddy is setting it up and I don't have the location yet.


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          You'll probably be in the Double/Anderson Bay cabin from the sounds of it. A lot of people hunt that area, especially the low parts around the cabin. Having said that, I've hunted the area and I have several buddies who do and we've pulled a lot of deer off the hillsides there. Don't count on going really high if there is a lot of snow. When it gets deep, its DEEP. There are a lot of brown bears in the area. Between Hawkins and Hinchinbrook islands last year, I think there were 8 or 9 DLP's. I would advise your bow hunting buddies to at least carry something for bear protection. You'll be there during the perfect time to use calls. Like it was mentioned, the bigger 4-legged critters will come to calls as well.


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