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Seward Bears!

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  • Seward Bears!

    Has anyone seen any bears in ressurection bay?

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    None IN the bay might try trolling some glazed doughnuts out by Pony Cove tho'...they tend to herd up there early in the season....

    Sorry...I couldn't resist....
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      YES THERE ARE BLACK BEARS IN RESURRECTION BAY. I have seen them all over the hillsides on the west side. They've been out for at least two weeks. Hard place to hunt though. Talked to a Trooper in Seward last Saturday and he said he saw two bears in Thumb Cove. We glassed that side of the bay all day and didn't see anything on that side. Went back over to the West side of the bay and they were everywhere.

      FYI - to those that don't know (I used to be one of them)...the highlighted white areas in the regs is State land. Doesn't say so ANYWHERE in the regs. Had to call F&G and the troopers to get a definative answer.


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        We saw a good number of them on the peninsula last week including two grizz while driving back from Homer last week. We saw them up until about the Seward/Homer split on the highway. I know they are out all around Homer as we saw 8-10 every day we hunted.



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