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  • Sheep Taxidermist?

    I'm looking for suggestions for a taxidermist for a dall sheep. I'm not concerned with price or turn around time as much as quality. Any certain taxidermists out there really known for their sheep? Thanks for any help.


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    Yukon Grubaugh at Tall Tales Taxidermy does the best work I've seen. He doesn't just specialize in sheep, but he does plenty of them. He's located on 4th Ave, off of Boniface Parkway, and he's always happy to have people stop by and look at his shop and display area. Even if you end up going with someone else, it's certainly worth a look - pretty cool display room. You can also check out his website:



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      The two best sheep taxidermists in Alaska that I am aware of are Marty Renio at Gunsmoke Taxidermy in North Pole and Joe Romero at Aurora Wildlife Studio in Anchorage. Both specialize in sheep and probably do more sheep than any other type of mount. Every time I have been in Joe's shop he has had a Boone and Crockett ram in the works. Marty did my 2005 ram and it turned out great.


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        I gotta agree with Joe Romero. he really knows sheep.


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          Joe Romero

          Joe Romero is in my opinion, the best taxidermist in Anchorage. His work is all competition quality and most of it is custom stuff. He is a little more expensive than some of the other guys, but worth it in my opinion.


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            Thanks for all the replies. I will be giving Joe Romero a call tomorrow.


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              I believe Joe Romera won some titles with his sheep. I know my fish taxidermist, who is a national champ, said he would take a sheep to joe. He really thinks highly of him.


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                sheep taxidermist

                marty at gunsmoke does mine and sheep are his specialty. listening to his stories and seeing his trophies are free. his dall mounts can't be beat. he only takes a certain number each year. he's in north pole.


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                  Rich Hamilton, Brow Tine Taxidermy in North Pole has won some national awards. His sheep mounts are superb.
                  If cave men had been trophy hunters the Wooly Mammoth would be alive today


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                    Thanks again for all your input. I dropped my ram off with Joe Romero today. I was quite impressed with him and his work. I'm sure he will do an outstanding job.



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                      Foster's Taxidermy

                      Dan at Foster's in Palmer Taxidermy on Trunk Rd. specializes in sheep.
                      He has loads of mounts of sheep to look at in his show room as well.
                      I'd look him up!


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