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  • Accubond?

    I am in final prep for this fall's hunting. I have my new Kimber Montana 300 WSM w/ Leupold scope almost ready. What do you guys think of the accubond bullets compared with other popular bullets (partitions, triple-x, bear claw, etc)? This year I will be hunting elk in southern Montana and black bear in Alaska and planning to use 180 gr on both.

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    I used the same exact outfit on my sheep and Sitka BT last fall. Both one shot kills at 150 yards. Great gun, scope and round if you ask me.


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      I've used them in my 338 and my 06. Both killed caribou very well with complete penetration except for two bullets. One was shot at 300 yards from the rear and stopped in a forleg (338) the other shot from the front and ended up in the rear ham (06). Both expanded to .6 by .68 inch. Can't complain, they are accurate and did what Nosler said they would do. Jim


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        Fine choices

        All four of the bullets you mention will do a fine job on elk and black bear. Shoot whichever one groups best out of your rifle.

        All four bullets in 180 grain out of a .300 are adequate bear protection.


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          I've yet to shoot any game with the 225 gr. Accubond's out of my .338WM, but they are extremely accurate off the bench. They are what I will be using this season.
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