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    I'm going on vacation and need to put my 2 pure-bred Chesapeakes in a kennel for about 9 days. Does anyone recommend a good kennel in Soldotna or Anchorage. I've tried the kennels here in Homer, and wouldn't recommend them for my mother-in-laws poodles.

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    Alaska Kennel and School

    When I have to put my dogs in a kennel in Anc, I have used this place. They seem to do a great job, and the price is very reasonable. My dogs will be spending 2 weeks there again this summer.


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      When we go away we have someone come into our home and take care of the dogs. Not only is it less stressful on them but they are less likely to catch anything the "kennel" may have going around. One of the worst times of the year to board is the spring/summer. Bordetella only protects them to a point, dont be fooled by folks who tell you they cant get kennel cough. Ours are vaccinated against it and they still bring it home from dog shows, etc.

      In the long run its less expensive to just have a friend or a reputable pet sitter come into your home. If you HAVE to use a Kennel, Dori does a fantastic job with the dogs at their place, Alaska Kennel and School.

      Hope this helps.
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        We've had great results with alaska TLC kennels,take a look at great people and great location in the valley.
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          Dog Domain

          We just returned from a week griz hunting and left our two malamutes at Doggie Domain in Eagle River. We've boarded our dogs at two other Kennels here in town and both times our mal has been pretty stressed afterwards. The fellow at Dog Domain is great and you can tell he loves dogs, not to mention its affordable.
          Alaska Antler Works


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            When we travel we board our dog at the Doggie Motel in Anchorage, nice place and he's always in good spirit's when we pick him up.



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              My wife and I also own and breed Chessies (we have 3). We usually try to get someone to stay at the house when we go, as it is way less stressful for the dogs.

              There is a guy in Wasilla that owns "Rosen Kennels" (not sure of spelling). My wife has talk to he extensively, though we have not had our dogs stay there. He owns at least 1 Chessie, if not a second that I recall. He runs a good kennel, and also field trains dogs heavily.

              My wife and I are going to leave our dogs there sometime, and get the added training to boot. Check him out, as he seems like a good, honest, dog person that is familiar with Chessies and can train them too.

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                soldotna kennel

                We have used Cooper's kennels on K beach with great success. They took good care of our dog and have inside and ouside doggie hotels. 283 3218


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