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    I'm thinking about doing a goat hunt next year in SE Alaska. The two units I'm considering are 4 and 5. I've hunted goats on the Kenai, but never in the panhandle. My first choice is to hunt on Baranof Island; second around Yakutat. Has anyone hunted these areas? Any info you'd be willing to share would be appreciated. I'm looking for air charter operators, charter boat service, weather reports, hunting pressure, terrain, etc. Thanks.

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    My dad and a I got a 9inch plus billy at about 19 mile haines hyway in 1997.
    didnt wieigh it but it must have been well over 200lbs heard thats a big one. cheap and fairly easy to succeed. we spotted em from the road. then hiked up and make camp at the treeline. Carefull though lots of blackies and brownies up in the high elevation bowls. We saw several in our two days up there. seems like they bed down in the morning and afternoon. And its better to get above them. I didnt and had to make about a 400 or better yard shot. took 4 rounds to the shouder and just behind with the 270 to take him down. recommend at least a 7mm mag.


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      Flew into Hogan Lake in 1979. Hogan Lake is about an hour North of Sitka by a 185. Some really good goat and bear country up in that area. You could also look into Indigo Lake which is just a little East of Sitka.


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        I appreciate the info fellows. I've killed a couple of goats on the Kenai, but want to do one more goat hunt while my knees can still handle it. I'm closing in on 50 and mountain hunting is beginning to tell on me. Still got a few more years though.


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          Just got back

          My dad and brother and I just got back from a week at a Forest Service cabin on Baranof. Goats were the idea, and the sign was plentiful up on the ridgelines.

          Of course, the ceilings were so low that in the clouds and wind, you could barely see 50-100 feet in front of you. Made finding the same route down as you took up a little challenging, and the goats were all in their beds.

          We got deer a little lower down, though. And the gut piles kept at least a couple of brown bears off the ridgeline.

          Harris Air out of Sitka did a good job getting us there and back. They were totally straightforward about not getting us in when we planned because the weather was too bad. They took us when it was safe, and no sooner. They told us exactly what we'd need to be able to see from the pickup point so we could call them on the sat. phone on pickup day. No problem shifting the pickup a little, either. Professional folks, and the office staff is friendly. The pilots aren't exactly what you'd call chatty, but we didn't pay them to talk...


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            Just back


            I just got back a day ago from a Unit 1B goat hunt. We had a mighty fine time goat hunting, but didn't manage to get within range of one. The clouds kept the goat country smothered most of the time, so our chances were pretty low.

            Now I've got to try and recover so I can start my other hunts. :-)
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