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30-06 Ammo Issues

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  • 30-06 Ammo Issues

    Hey Ya'll

    I'm shooting a Rugar M77 30-06 and was giong to try some 150gr Remmington Core Lokt for an upcoming sheep hunt. However, I can't get these rounds to group well at all and are all over the place. Obviously my gun just isn't eating these rounds well at all.

    Any suggestions on another good round to try? My gun seems to like Winchester soft I may go back to those.


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    Try the fusion brand, they shoot great in my 7mm and they are pretty cheap.



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      You might try a little variation on the bullet weight. I have a .223 that doesn't like 60 gr., but shoots 55 gr. very well. Try dropping to 120 or upping to 180 and see if it makes a difference. My 30.06 does really well with 180 gr. Winchester silvertips.

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        Hmmm, that's strange. I shoot the same gun and ammo as you are having problems with. But in my case, the Remington Core Lokt 150's are the bullets that hold the best group out of my gun. I guess it really is true that a guy just needs to shoot a bunch of different types until the gun finds one it likes. Good luck on the sheep hunt! I can't wait to get out on mine here in few days.


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          I read a long time ago the when it comes to ammo most rifles have a "favorite" load. Its a bit expensive but buy a box of a variety of loads and see which one your rifle shoots best.

          In my .06 its the Federal Premium 165 gr Trophy Bonded Bear Claw.
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            Originally posted by AK145
            Hey Ya'll

            I'm shooting a Rugar M77 30-06

            Is this a MkII or one of the older style with the tang safety? If it's the older style with the tang safety it might just have a Wilson barrel on it. Rugers were notorious in the older days when they used Wilson barrels for not wanting to shoot worth a hoot. If it's a MkII then it has an in-house barrel and I would suggest maybe trying another brand or go up to a 165 grain Core-Lokt.


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              Tang Safety?

              Showing my ignorence here...but what is that?

              Tomorrow I'm going to try some Winchester 165s that this rifle shot well this least for my wife when we sigted in this rifle for her bear hunt. I also have some Federal Premium 180s I will try if that doesn't work.

              I wanted to keep it under 180 for flatter shooting so hopefully the 165s will work ok.

              Thanks Guys.


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                The tang safety is on top of the wrist, just behind the bolt and slides in a forward/backward motion versus the three position safety like the Winchester Model 70.

                I have a Ruger M77 .30-06 ultralight (20 inch barrel) with the tang safety and it LOVES the 150 grain core-lokt's. Now, having said that, if I actually clean my barrel, like I do with every other rifle I own, it won't shoot worth crap. The dirtier the barrel on my Ruger, the better it shoots, I can't explain it. The other day, I shot up every 150 grain Core-Lokt that I own and the day before my deer hunt went to the store to re-supply my closet. NO 150 grain Core-Lokt's to be found! So, the day before my hunt, I switched to Federal 150 grain soft-points and they shoot just as well as the Remington out of my rifle. I have tried 165's, 180's, and even 220's in my Ruger with soft points, Nosler Partitions, and XXX bullets. None will come close to the Remington 150's.

                My Ruger .338 that I absolutely love, really likes 250 grain soft point (Core-Lokt's) and nothing else. I've tried NP's, and 225 SP's, nothing seems to work quite as well.

                With my 06, I started shooting 150gr Core-Lokt soft points as soon as I took the rifle out of the box. With my .338 I started shooting with 250gr Core-Lokt soft points out of the box. Both guns like the rounds I first started shooting with, and I can't shoot near as well with other rounds. I don't know why, I just accept it. It might just be because that's what I'm used to.

                It's expensive, but you'll just have to figure out what your rifle likes to shoot. 165's could be your best bet, and I've heard great things about the Fusions. A buddy of mine shoots 180 gr NP's out of his Ruger '06 like mine, and he'll never use anything else.


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                  My old rifle must be an odd one it don't seem to matter what I feed it.

                  It is a model 70 Winchester 30-06 sniper rifle,chrome bore and all my dad brought back from Korea. I have been shooting it since I was 10 and it don't care much about brands, Noslers or Core lokt or even Nato army surplus rounds in 150 165 or 180. at 50 yards a group of three will always be less than a quarter. I only have to adjust up or down an inch for the different bullet weights, andit is good to go at 200 yards....and I hate shooting farther than that.


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                    Heavier bullets

                    I shoot 180-grain because I hunt in big bear country. My old friend, Justin Case, really likes the idea of added penetration.

                    My Model 70 puts 180 grain FailSafes in a 3-inch group at 300. I'm not sure I'd ever shoot an animal at 300, but the rifle and load can do their part.

                    Once my wife recuperates from the single parenting she did while I was out chasing mountain goats around, I'll get back to reloading the 180 gr. Triple-Shocks for the '06. Initial load development was getting even better groups at 100m with those than I do with the FailSafes.


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                      I quit using Remington loads awhile back, they are for targeting IMHO. I switched to the Hornady Light Magnums and never been happier. Even at the 150 grain loads they drop what drop what I shoot at, and 165 grain loads have better ballistic efficiencies at all ranges.
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                        Got it Worked Out

                        Thanks for all the input folks. I went back to the Winchester rounds and from the start it grouped well and shot great. Kinda wierd....but I feel better now for sure!



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