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Hunting Kenai and Fairbanks??

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  • Hunting Kenai and Fairbanks??

    I will be in Kenai and faribanks from Aug. 17th to the 28th. I was wondereing what kind of hunting you guys would reccomend for a non-res. I am visiting my cousin and we will have trasportation and lots of time to do a variety of things. What would you guys target if me?? If anyone can help me with general areas or sujestions on hunts feel free to post or PM me, it would be greatly appreciated.

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    Low budget hunts are my favorites (I'm a college student!). Black Bears are plentiful throughout the state. I recommend going after them.

    I assume you'll have a rental car with you... so if you do, I would suggest taking the Glenn Highway and find a place that would allow some good visibility while hiking, I would recommend just following an old dirt side road (there are plenty of them) back into the hills/mountains (plenty of those too), then getting out and hiking. I'm sure you own a tent, bring that, along with whatever other gear you need and just hike in areas with patches of berries and glass around. Bring your camera! The Glenn Highway traverses some beautiful country. If you have a week to spend (especially at the time of year you will be able to) I'd recommend doing something along those lines.

    Once you get north of Palmer the Glenn Highway is nearly entirely within Unit 13, which has a bag limit of 3 Black Bears for non-residents; however, because you are a non-resident you must purchase a $25 locking tag that you attach to the hide.

    The costs involved with this sort of hunt would be your hunting license ($85), a black bear tag ($225), and a locking tag ($25). Compared to hunting anything else in the state (except wolf) it would be the cheapest. No guide is required to hunt Black Bear as a non-resident. The success will depend on luck, and time spent in the field.

    The hides on the bears at this time of year is ideal, and I enjoy black bear meat in the late fall when they've been feeding on berries for awhile...

    It's quite easy to escape any kind of sign of other people by just getting out there on foot (that's why I like it so much!). Too many people use their ATV's now-adays... It'd be some great exercise and you need only to push yourself as hard as you like.

    Here's the link to the entire 2006-2007 hunting regs... Page 8 talks about non-resident licenses and tags.

    If you decide to do something like this, here is the link for the regs for GMU13...

    Also, here is some important info for bear hunting in Alaska...

    You can get your license, black bear tag, and locking tag at any Wal-Mart or Carrs Grocery Store.

    Hope this helps, PM me if you have any other questions...


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      black bear tags

      You're almost right HunterTom. A non-resident would have to buy a hunting license ($85) and a black bear tag ($225) for each bear. The only $25 locking tag for bears is the resident brown/grizzly tag. It's all explained on pgs. 9-10 of the current hunting regs.


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        You're right!

        Thanks for clarifying that...


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          Hi guys thanks for posting. I know we will have a good time in whatever we choose to do.


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