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  • Thank you

    Good morning.

    As "plentycoupe" has explained to you on his thread, our travel agents extended our tour in Iraq without consulting us first! :-)

    I had drawn Koyukuk moose tag for this September and had much of the planning for the hunt completed and was excited to come home to enjoy some of the best hunting experiences Alaska can offer.

    Due to the extension in Iraq, however, my wife and I had to make some difficult calls to cancel my river transportation, air travel plans, etc. I did not know how the folks on the other end of the phone would react to my request to cancel my reservations, etc but I was so overwhelmed by their understanding and support.

    So I would like to thank some of these folks and company in this public forum.

    Charlie Green from Galena was to be my river transporter. Although I have never met him in person, I feel like as if I have a friend in Galena.

    Frontier Flying Services

    Marc Taylor from Wiggy's

    Thank you all for your support. Your thoughts, prayers and acts of kindness mean a lot to all of us.



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    safe travels over there.

    one of our members for our fall trip was just deployed over to iraq very last minute. poor guy was worried we actually would be mad at him when all we want is his safe return for a future trip.

    take care,be safe and the moose will be there when you get back.


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      The "Thanks" goes right back to you and everyone else over there! BE SAFE!


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