in Anchorage 9/17-28 what would you do?



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  • in Anchorage 9/17-28 what would you do?

    All right folks I'm asking for some pretty specific direction here. I'll be in the Anchorage are from (9/17-28). I'm coming from an EXCELLENT hunting state (Montana). I have a bighorn sheep tag here as well as an antelope tag. Of course I'll be able to hunt elk, deer, upland birds, waterfowl, etc under my general license (both archery and rifle (essentially from 9/1-12/30)and I will be doing alot of both!). (You Alaska folk think you have it pretty good!)
    The latter part of my trip up there (and I've been there (i.e., Prince of Wales and throughout the Interior...albeit not for hunting) before for work and fishing but not hunting) is what should I do? Should I hunt or fish? I'm very happy filling my cooler with silvers from the Kenai but am wondering if I'd be missing out on something I can't do down here in Montana.
    I hope you understand my dilemna....
    I'm a very self-sufficient hunter/angler and a professional wildlife biologist and don't have the finances (necessarily) to hire guides (unless someone would like to work out some kind of local knowldege sort of trade).
    thanks for any low-budget thoughts!

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    You could chase moose either north or south of Anchorage a few hours. Unit 14A has lots of moose, as does unit 7 and 15 down on the Kenai Peninsula. Being road accessible, both get a fair amount of pressure. That being said, you'll be here right when the moose hunting and calling are getting good. If you put some time into the woods you might have a decent chance of success. You could also easily get a black bear up in the mountains of the Kenai Peninsula (they're really keying in on alpine berries that time of year), but I'm not sure if that interests you. Just a couple of ideas...



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      that's a start!

      Thanks Brian
      That is a start as far as ideas go.
      My trip is mostly for work so unfortunately I'll be pretty tied up the latter half of my stay there. I do however, plan on spending the week before (9/17-9/23) fishing/hunting but am concerned about the price of hunting vs. fishing (having to hire a guide primarily). I'm so used to not having to pay fees to hunt (either with a guide or as an out-of-stater)....

      Fishing is cheap but is just fishing....


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        My recommendation would be that you might want to reread your post and consider an attitude adjustment.


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          Sound combo

          You might consider renting a boat out of Whittier and heading out into Price William Sound for a combo hunt, fishing trip. The hunting options would be Sitka Blacktail deer, Black Bear, and there are even some registration goat hunts. For fishing, there's Halibut, Lingcod, rockfish, and Silver Salmon, and Dolley Varden trout in the various streams. The Silvers should still be thick around Esther hatchery and so should the black bears. There are a few deer on the Island too. Or you can buzz down into Culross Passage. You should have a bit of company down there.
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            Your not required to hire a guide to hunt moose, caribou, or black bear. The non res tags for those species will cost a few hundred tho.
            They say you can spot black bears up on the mountain sides along the highway to Kenai. That would be about as cheap hunting as a non res could find up here.
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              Black Bear

              Low budget hunts are my favorites (I'm a college student!). Black Bears are plentiful throughout the state. I recommend going after them.

              I assume you'll have a rental car with you... so if you do, I would suggest taking the Glenn Highway northwest (it goes on forever) and find a place that would allow some good visibility while hiking, I would recommend just following an old dirt side road (there are plenty of them) back into the hills/mountains (plenty of those too), then getting out and hiking. I'm sure you own a tent, bring that, along with whatever other gear you need and just hike in areas with patches of berries and glass around. Bring your camera! The Glenn Highway traverses some beautiful country. If you have a week to spend (especially at the time of year you will be able to) I'd recommend doing something along those lines.

              Once you get north of Palmer the Glenn Highway is nearly entirely within Unit 13, which has a bag limit of 3 Black Bears for non-residents; however, because you are a non-resident you must purchase a $25 locking tag that you attach to the hide.

              The costs involved with this sort of hunt would be your hunting license ($85), a black bear tag ($225), and a locking tag ($25). Compared to hunting anything else in the state (except wolf) it would be the cheapest. No guide is required to hunt Black Bear as a non-resident. The success will depend on luck, and time spent in the field.

              The hides on the bears at this time of year is ideal, and I enjoy black bear meat in the late fall when they've been feeding on berries for awhile...

              It's quite easy to escape any kind of sign of other people by just getting out there on foot (that's why I like it so much!). Too many people use their ATV's now-adays... It'd be some great exercise and you need only to push yourself as hard as you like.

              Here's the link to the entire 2006-2007 hunting regs... Page 8 talks about non-resident licenses and tags.

              If you decide to do something like this, here is the link for the regs for GMU13...

              Also, here is some important info for bear hunting in Alaska...

              You can get your license, black bear tag, and locking tag at any Wal-Mart or Carrs Grocery Store in Anchorage.

              Hope this helps, PM me if you have any other questions...


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                in Anchorage 9/17-28 what would you do?

                I would suggest the attitude belongs in Calif, I am from Montana also long ago, before we got invaded.


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                  Thanks for offering some very good ideas. My apology to those who think that I have an attitude....I did reread my original post, but don't really understand how, by providing some context for where I'm coming from, the opportunities I have here, and relative to that - the kind of opportunity I'm looking for in AK, would offend anyone. Again thanks to those for the's exactly the type I was looking for.


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                    In Anchorage - what to do?


                    Must be there for TWS conference. I'll be there with the Texas contingent. I'm heading up the 9th, then on to Bethel for a caribou hunt. I plan to be back in Anchorage on the 20th and try to work in a fishing trip and maybe snoop around for a black bear. I'll be staying at the Hilton.

                    Good luck


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                      TWS meeting

                      Yes I'll be there for the TWS conference....I imagine quite a few of us will be arriving early/staying late to do some hunting/fishing. Caribou hunting is something that I am considering but will need to do a bunch more research to figure out how it can be done without great expense. Good luck on your hunt!


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                        For simplicity, as well as an excuse to explore some gorgious country, I'd sure think about bringing a shotgun and chasing ptarmigan. With fall colors and sweet weather, a good ptarmigan hunt can be the highlight of a year- whether you get any birds or not.

                        Roaming for ptarmigan will also give you a chance to see the big game in the area while not forcing you to stop everything else for a few days to deal with the carcass.

                        BTW- I sure don't see any questionable attitude in your posts. Shrug it off and enjoy your trip!
                        "Lay in the weeds and wait, and when you get your chance to say something, say something good."
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