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  • Angel Creek

    Has anyone ever hunted the area around Angel Creek for Caribou? I am being told that it is a good area, but I am not familiar with it. I have the cabin reserved for next weekend. Any info would be appreciated.


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    hunting grounds...

    I am curious about this as well as is local enough to hit the hills but am unsure, anyone know and willing to share some information?


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      40 mile heard

      Appears this is only the 40 mile heard in that location. If I am reading the regulations correctly this is on a permit hunt only. If I am wrong someone please let me know. I don't want to carry the rifle to go only be camping if I dont have to...


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        40 Miles herd is registration hunt only and limited to residents, if your a resident it might be worth picking up a tag.


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          40 mile...

          Resident I am and have been for about 10 years now. However this is my first attempt at bou...

          So is not a permit but a register I can do on the on-line site, correct? Then while in season which we are I can hunt up there...?


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            Yes you can get your tag online but once they reach their quota the hunt is over and you have to turn in your harvest report. Make sure you do this as Fish and Game will not let you get a permit next year if you do not file your report. I do not know if the Steese and Taylor hunts use the same permit but if it does and the Taylor closes, you can still hunt the Steese. Good luck on your first caribou hunt!


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              non-resident for Fortymile Herd

              Originally posted by AKHunter45
              40 Miles herd is registration hunt only and limited to residents...
              Just to clarify, in case any non-res hunters read this thread, but I think non-res hunting of the Fortymile Herd is still allowed. I think it's the RC860 registration permit, but I don't have the reg book handy at the moment, so don't quote me on this.

              Good luck in the field,
              Mark Richards


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                Non-residents yes

                I stand corrected, non-residents can hunt the 40 mile herd. RC867 is the one thats closed to non-residents. My apologies for posting the wrong info.


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                  Yes, Nonres can hunt, but they may only take a bull where a Res can take either sex. Nonres season is also 10 days shorter.


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                    The caribou moved into the Angel Creek area several years ago about 2 weeks after the season ended. That was the first time any caribou had been in that area for 30 years or more and they haven't been back since. A lot of the area burned two years ago but then so did a lot of the 40 mile herd's home range. I am not trying to discourage anyone from hunting there but don't expect too much unless they make an about face again this year.


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                      angel creek caribou

                      This is not a promising area for caribou. As someone else mentioned, they did show up there after the season ended about 3 years ago, but they haven't been back since. Honestly, I wouldn't count on seeing any there.
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