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How's the hunting around Delta Junction?

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    You'll be able to find hunting areas but it will just take some work and planning. Bring a string to tie your hat on.


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      Warm Welcome

      Im not being inpolite... just honest.. I dont bull****.

      The Delta Junction Hunting situation is what you had asked about.. almost all tied up with drawing permits or subsistance.

      What is not drawing (Black Bear baiting & an open season, fall moose and grizz) is in areas that are very congested.. If you hunt on a four wheeler you will be happy. If you hunt off stand youll be happy if you like folks on four wheelers and trucks crossing through your hunting area.

      There is alot of hunting area around Delta (mostly military land) this land is and will be more tied up due to the USARAK Stryker BDE and other military units training as they are in the process of adding more ranges into the Donnelly Training Area. to be specific it will probably be closed 270 days out of the year, Oh and do you know when the BDE deploys and closes these areas.. during moose season.

      Also go on line and look at the Alaska hunting reg.. Area 20D you will notice that the areas around Delta Junction are also tied up by the Delta Controlled Use Area, The Delta Junction Management Area and the Bison Range Youth Hunt Management Area. These areas all have restrictions not only to hunting but to the use of ATVs during certain periods..

      Moose hunting is open between 1 sept and 15 sept but you will have restrictions as a non resident, once you are a resident you will also have restrictions spike/fork/50 inch rule. believe me this complicates things.

      So Im sorry i didnt post a picture that was rosey for you... But Im telling you the facts as they are. I would be leary of listening to folks advice who dont live here or who dont fill in thier profile about who they are or where they are from..

      On a lighter note. I wouldnt live anywhere but Delta. Small town and great people.. Good luck with your move... and hope to see ya around town.



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        The area I was refering too does require a 4 wheeler for access but thats the extent of it, sure other people hunt there but 99% of them don't have a clue what they are doing, just riding around hoping to run into a bull moose thats legal. After about 4 days they give up and go home leaving plenty of legal bulls for those who have the knowledge of the area to find them. Mr Luntz, what does our profile have to do with giving advice about hunting? Just because some of us don't live there doesn't we don't know the area.


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          You are correct in that the big game hunting right around Delta is pretty well restricted, but when you look at the distances we have to travel in Alaska to do anything Delta is relatively close to some great opportunities like 20A moose, 40 Mile caribou and grizzly hunting in the 40 Mile country. Plus there is some great bird hunting on public land very close to Delta.


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