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    I just recently purchased a 300 win mag sako model 75, a beautiful rifle, my question is this, I used to run a rem 30-06 and used 180 grain for hunting moose, the reason I bought the new rifle was for distance (and to have the biggest gun in camp!!) seriously though which lead weight is the most versatile for the 300, where I'm hunting I'll have shots up to 600 yards but rarely! And I probably wouldn't attempt until I get used to this rifle anyway. Most of the time shots are under 300, any opinions?

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    600 Yards? Wow.....

    If you're comfortable taking 600 yard shots in field conditions, you're a better marksman than I am! 350 yards is about my comfort limit, and not my first choice...

    I'd ask this question over on the Shooting Forum, you'll get a lot of good input there from Murphy and the guys.



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      I've used 165gr, 180gr, 200gr and 220's in the 300 WM. A good all around bullet wieght bullet is the 180gr........For much of the hunting in Alaska, I think the 200gr bullet shines, if your looking for performance at a distance, while hunting sm. to med. sized game the 165gr. bullet is a great performer.

      Temper this info with the fact that I don't (read skill here) take shots at game past 400-450 yds and I'm not a die-hard reloader........Like mentioned above, the shooting forum may fetch you the more sookum post's.



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        Hey there
        This is for Michael and Ron Your info is perfect and exactly what I needed, I've had a lot of people say the 200 grain is the one so thank you, as for my comfort zone it won't much surpass yours michael if it even reaches yours. I guess what I was trying to say was The possibility was there, me personally I would watch and cry as the animal walked in the bush at 600 yards, its hard to explain to people just how far 600 yards really is, I shot my first moose last year at 265 and thought that was a long way, sorry for implying that a 600 yard shot was what I was after, maybe someday when I'm old and grey and have shot a few more shells but for right now, I'll stick to reallity and my own comfort zone , happy hunting
        Jeff H


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          300 Win Mag

          I've been reloading for my 300 win for 11 years. I've tried all weights up to 200 gr and found the 180 gr to be the most accurate out of my set up. All my hunting is primarily mule deer and elk and haven't had a need for the heavier bullet. My gun really likes the 180gr Accu Bonds from Nossler.


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            not impressed with 300 on big game

            just had to put in a cent or two on the 300,i have had clienets bring this deer gun on moose hunts against my advise and have yet to see a knock down other then a stuning hit square on the backbone and in which a 65 inch bull fell and jumped back up at our surprise,it was quickly dispatched with my 416.


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              Most versatile weight depends on what animals you're using it on. With a 300 win mag, there really is no benefit in going any lighter than 180 grs. You get a little bit more muzzle velocity, but the velocity is lost faster than with the sleeker heavier bullets.

              As far as 600 yd shots, unless you practice regularly at those distances, know exactly how your bullets drop in your gun and use a laser range finder, you have no business taking shots that far.

              No insult intended, but generally if you have the skills and practice to be taking long range shots with a 300, you'll know what bullets are suitable for the job. If you're asking about what bullets to use on the internet, youo probably have some more homework to do to effectively use those bullets at long range.
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                300 Wm

                180 grain IMO is the best all around weight.

                gusuk....the 300 is very capable in the right hands for big game. I just 1 shot killed a Kodiak brownie 2 weeks ago with a 180 grn TBBC. PLACEMENT!!!


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