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    First post here, I am planning a 7 day hunt with my father on the Salcha river in September. I will finally be a resident and can take full advantage of all hunting opportunities this great state has to offer. I am currently in Iraq and will be home in time for hunting season. If anyone has some insight on chances of seeing bears, black or grizzly, moose or caribou it would be greatly appreciated. I have heard at about 180 miles up you hit caribou country. Another confirm or deny would be great. This will be my first river trip and any general insight or lessons learned would be a great help as well. Thanks

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    You will have alot of company. Before you go to far with your planning. try to take a summer trip up the river on a weekend and multiply the number of people you see X 10 and you will know what to expect. Horse


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      I've heard the same as horse, you've got to go along way to get away from the crowds. You might want to think about hunting on ft. greely in the 33 mile loop area if you have access to a fourwheeler, it draws a crowd but you have a great chance to look at alot of bulls (I've seen up to 14 in a day) and thier is plenty of area to move around. Make sure you study the regs well first and get with range control and see what areas are open. The closures seem to change quite frequently up thier now but it's definately worth the effort.


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        Expect airboats for company.
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          I know a few people that hunt up there and getting to the caribou country is true but hard if your not running an airboat. Also the herd you would be looking at is the 40 mile so by Sep they may have made it further south with a few just milling around in the area. There are alot of cabins for the first like 30 miles or so of the river and as everyone else has already said you will not be alone. The easy access to the river makes it a hot spot for boat hunters. There are both griz and black bears up in the area and some good size moose if you see one. I hope this helps.


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            2 cents

            Well first, dont plan on accessing 33 mile loop as suggested. new range facilities and larger untis now training in area will close the Donnelly Training Area up to 286 days a year. Bet your *** moose season will be included in those days.

            I think if I were going to go anywhere it would be the Tananna Flats.
            Largest pop in the state, youll have to work the access issues, but the moose pop is very high.

            Salcha is ok but air boats and high traffic definatly a consideration.


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              A friend of mine, his wife, and another friend had a nightmarish trip up the Chena in September. On the way back the water was very low, and the air boat used a little too much fuel because of all the times they had to stop to cut trees and obstacles that were in their way. An air boat with lots of fuel may work, but the Chena will be crowded with air boats in September.


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                Thanks for the info

                Thanks for all of the replies,
                I may steer away from the Salcha if their will be that many hunters around. I like secluded areas and do not mind working for game. I have heard about the large numbers in the Tannana flats area. I will start doing a little homeowrk and see what I come up with there. Thanks again!


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