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rifle or shotgun for hares

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  • rifle or shotgun for hares

    I was wondering what you guys and gals like to use for snowshoe hares. guns, calibers and methods would be appreciated.
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    Just about anything that goes boom, twang or poof. Rimfire, centerfire, smoothbore and rifled, muzzleloaders, archery, air rifles, air pistols and sling shots.

    I especially like reduced velocity cast bullet loads out of my big bore rifles for lots of field practice. I also do a lot of shooting with "hertiage" cartridges and arms like the 25-20, 25-35 and 32-20.

    Favorite shotguns are small gauges, though I use them all including a muzzleloading double 12.

    Reduced loads in all muzzleloading rifles are outstanding. I mostly use 32 and 36 cal for hares, but a 54 PRB over 30gn FFF is sweet.

    Air rifles, air pistols and sling shots put garden hares on the table without disturbing the neighbors, especially early in the morning when folks are sleeping in.

    Haven't tried rocks and sticks yet, but I bet I could have done it when my arm was younger. Snares still work fine.

    Yeah, I'm awfully fond of snowshoe hare hunting!
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      I like driving with a snogo (in winter of course) to a stationary hunter. .410 or .20 gauge works well without tearing them up. 12's do more damage.
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        I enjoy hunting snowshoe hares with the old .22lr. My favorite bunny gun might be my old Winchester 61 (pump).......tough to pick a fav gun though.


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          I love rabbit hunting in the winter. I try to get out as much as I can. Last year was awesome, and we killed probably over a hundred between me and my friends. My Marlin stainless bolt action .22 is my weapon of choice. It's scary accurate with velocitor ammo.


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            I also like the 22lr. My wife has a ruger 10/22 with one of those manlicher stocks and a 3x9 on it. A little big of a scope for a 22 but works.

            If it wasnt for gravity, I couldnt hit the ground with a shotgun. my friends use to limit me to 1 box of 12ga for 1 rabbit. Needless to say I dont even own a shotgun. Now its all centerfire for me with snowshoes.


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              10 gauge, 338 Win Mag, 454 Casull...

              oh wait, wrong thread...


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                I use a 22 magnum


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                  i bought a over under 22mag/410 they are only about $200 not the prettiest gun but it works for the hares, the gun is a eaa baikal but remington bought them out so now i think that they are sold under rem


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