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Anyone know a good & quick taxidermist???

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  • Anyone know a good & quick taxidermist???

    I just got a really nice caribou on the Haul Road and want to get it shoulder mounted.The problem is- I am being stationed to lower 48 in November and would like to have it done by then.It is also in full velvet and would like to keep it that way if possible.If any of you out there know anyone who could help me out,I would greatly appreciate it.Thanks- Tim
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    TJ, good and quick? not gonna happen. gotta pick one or the other. Most taxidermist are running 6 months to a year. better call around for some garage taxidermists. anybody big that tell you they can get it done, I'd question. I know, my wife is a taxidermist.


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      Where are you located? I know of a guy in Fbks that may be able to get you in.
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        Best advice I can give you is to get it done in Alaska, 2nd is to get removable antlers, that will make shipping easier to. If your military shipping in the future will be a peace of cake.



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          Tundra Taxidermy

          Talk to tundra taxidermy in Big Lake. I had a turn aaround on a bear rug in 3 months and great work.


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            Give Dave McClannahan a call at Lone Wolf Taxidermy in Eagle River. 696-3611. He does excellent work and may be able to help. Can't hurt to call.


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              Turn around time..

              It's gonna be tough since the local tannery is usually what holds most guys up since thier turn around time on tanning is quite long at times, but if you can find a guy that can tan his own and does a nice job on it I would start there if you really want it back by your PCS date.

              Think about it long term, yes it might suck to have to pay to ship it to your next home, but do your homework on who you take it to...the mount is what lasts don't want to look at a crappy mount for the rest of your life because you wanted to save $$ and not have it shipped. Save up a couple hundred more bucks and pay to have it done correctly by a quality taxidermist and have it shipped to you.

              With all that being said...Dave McClannahan at Lone Wolf in Eagle River might be able to help you out since he understands the military and moving..he and his wife are retired Chiefs, and he does great work.

              Your major hold up is going to be the turn around time of the tannery for your taxidermist. Nobody in town that takes thier stuff to the tannery will be able to get it back to you by Nov unless they get some favors.

              Good luck!


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                Your bou cape(you did save the cape right?), and antlers are here in Alaska. Your moving to the lower 48. Which is cheaper, safer, and more practical?
                1. Shipping cape and antlers to lower 48 to get mounted.
                2. Shipping a whole shoulder mount to the lower 48.
                Plenty of good taxi's in the lower 48. Probably one close to where your relocating. I would choose option 1 if it were my money and mount.
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                  I'd give tundra a call. Clint is in the same building as the tanner. I'm sure he and keith have a deal worked out. I think that would be your best bet.


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                    Found one

                    Thanks guys for all your input.I gave Clint a call at Tundra taxidermy and dropped off the cape this afternoon.He can cure the velvet and have ot back too me by November 1st.Thanks again.
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                      Dan at Back counrty Taxidermy does an awsome job, but I don't think you are going to find anywhere that will do it quick. Dan will ship you the animal once completed. Of course you would have to pay for the shipping.
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                        Can Do It

                        Have you had the horns treated? If not you need to do that ASAP. However, Mark Higgins can get it done by then. He is high quality (All blue ribbon first places at the Safari Club show, he did the grizzly on the tree) and is willing to get it done by then. $750 plus antler treatment.
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                          Take marten trappers advice

                          It will cost a fortune, maybe more than the cost of the mount itself, to ship it to your new location already mounted.


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