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  • Let me introduce myself!

    Hi there, I figured I better introduce myself this being my first post on the forum. I am a fisheries biologist by trade, and have worked for the last two years in the Bering Sea aboard comercial fishing boats as an "observer". This was my fulltime job upto last week until I bought the Fireweed Roadhouse just south of Nenana on the PArks Highway.Maybe you have stopped by there and had a steak? Now, I am working on moving my family of 6 up from Oregon, and hope to be settled in by October. I really enjoy hunting and can't wait to get out in Alaska for a hunt. I am already looking into a hunt for nonresidents in November for late season moose. I look forward to sharing my experience's with you all. Stop by the Fireweed Roadhouse on the Parks Highway and say hi if your headed my way. We have a full bar,restraunt, and lodging.
    Cheers-John Blanchard

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    welcome to the board John , This is a great place to get info on all kinds of stuff. Fire away if you got any questions or if you have some good storys .

    Take it easy


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      Hi John, and welcome to the AK. Just wanted to give you a piece of personal history. When I was about 6 years old, the Fireweed Roadhouse had a video poker machine in it, and well, that was my first experience with gambling. I had that puppy racked up to whole s#@!load of points. Anyway's, welcom to Alaska.


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        Hi John,

        I'm glad you've found this place, and that you've decided to plant your flag in Alaska! I hope your new business will give you the freedom to pursue your dreams up here and that you'll continue to keep us posted.

        Welcome aboard!

        Michael Strahan
        Site Owner
        Alaska Hunt Consultant
        1 (406) 662-1791


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          Welcome to the board, I look forward to future hunting tales and your input to the forum.



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            Thanks Eveyone

            Thanks for the warm greetings!

            J in AK-Stop by again sometime, I bet the place has changed some since then. Look for my new website soon at www.fireweedroadhouse.com.

            Mike-I enjoyed your presentation on planning a float hunt at the Sportsman Show in Anchorage this Winter. Float hunting in Alaska is part of my dream for the future. It looks like I moved to a decent area to start. I have done alot of drift boating in Oregon for steelhead on the Siletz, and Santiam Rivers and hope to make the transition in Alaska to float hunting.


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