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  • TMA Bound

    I'm flying out tomorrow with Golden Eagle Outfitters and bound for the Johnson Glacier area. Finally finished loading the pack: 57 lbs for everything except the rifle. I might have to see how much room my brother's pack has when he's not looking.

    I'll be sure to take plenty of photos to share. Full moon on the 9th!

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    ood luck!

    Flying out the 24th of Aug with Golden Eagle. Let me know how you did and how Golden Eagle was. Good luck and save one for me..


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      good luck guys...

      you've got the holy grail of tags...make'm pay.
      Proud to be an American!


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        Good luck guys! Walking in to DCU tuesday!
        A gun is like a parachute. If you need one, and donít have one, youíll probably never need one again


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          Fly out Tuesday myself, Good luck to all may they all have at least 8 rings and be 40"!


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            Golden Eagle for me too on the 4th of September!...Good luck to all.


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              Heading out on the 2nd, good luck fellers and enjoy those fresh ribs cooked over an open fire.........the only way to eat ribs!!!


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                4 Sept

                AK145, I will be heading back in on 4 Sept, maybe I will run into you at the strip hopefully with a 40


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                  Oh yeah, i'm not in the TMA, i'm hunting a general season area


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                    Where From?


                    Well just save me one will ya? Are you flying with Golden Eagle? Where are you flying out from if you don't mind me asking. Maybe you could leave me some cut firewood??!


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                      Will do!

                      Yes I am flying with Jim from Golden Eagle outfitters. Landing along the Johnson River and amking my way from there up Boulder creek and into spur valley if need be (DCUA). Going in 2 days early and hopfully on opening day (ds204) Iwill be putting a stalk on a sheep. So if your goiing that route Follw are tracks and I am sure you will run into something you can use.


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                        Probably see you!

                        Yup...we just may see you then! We will be landing on the Charlie Boyd Strip so he may be dropping us off and picking you up on the same trip! If you are hunting the spur side he may be dropping you off further north on the Johnson though...not sure. We will also be hunting the DCU...most likely up the glacier from there. Sooo...if you shoot one on the Spur side...make sure his buddies get scared and run up and over onto the Johnson side!!!

                        Jim seems really good to work with and nice guy. I also sent you a PM.


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                          Need to Hunt!

                          Can't hardly take it anymore. Dreaming of sheep and training my but off. Good thing about training here in New Mexico is that I am hiking already at 6000 ft up to around 10000 sometimes. Stairmaster with 55lbs on my back is getting old. Been shooting my .270wsm every weekend and my wife satres at me like I am crazy!


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                            Good luck

                            HEy best of luck to everyone and don't forget to post or send some sheep hunting pics!!



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                              The Air Force has moved me to Idaho, and of course I'll be missing out on the 06 hunting season in Alaska. The good news, I'll be there in 07 for sure. Good Luck and share some stories when you guys or gals get back.
                              "In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks." John Muir


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