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Taylor Highway?

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  • Taylor Highway?

    I will be hunting Caribou from the Taylor Highway - any knowledge of the area would be greatly appreciated. I have driven it once - about 5 years ago, and am wondering if there are any ATV trails to access off the road backcountry?


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    There so many trails on the taylor its amazing. If yo have never ridden back in there just park at the mosquito and follow everybody else.


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      Like Blink said...there are tons of trails off the Taylor near Chicken...just follow the 4-wheelers. You can go a looooong back in there. I harvested one 'bou 35 miles back in one time...but we could have gone a lot further.

      Good luck...have a great season!


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        And be ready for lots of company!!


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          Last report was recorded on the 2nd, caribou are far from the road and are not accessible though there will be some local animals around. Once 290 animals are taken the hunt is over, this is for the Taylor Highway hunt and does not include the Steese or fly in areas. That is all.


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            On to Eagle or stay in Chicken?

            Is the road to Chicken paved or dirt...I've heard both accounts now...

            As well, are there plenty of trails on the highway up to Eagle?


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              The road is paved until you hit the mosquito river (approx 5 miles south of chicken). There trails all the way I usually go in about 20 miles north of chicken. The further north you go the better the locals are at hiding the trail


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                Last year we went past chicken and did not see any Bou, heard from a local that some had crossed the taylor 10 miles south of Chicken, so we moved and got a couple nice Bou. about 15 miles from the road.
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