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  • hog hunt ?

    i am tryin to plan a hog hunt in texas this winter and was wondering if anyone had been down there and had info, on who to book with and maybe who not to book with

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    Not texas

    Havent hunted hogs in texas but have in Tenn and Calif.. Have you thought about going to Hawaii? California has alot of hogs, also, there may be hogs here in Alaska try calling

    Alaska Interior Game Ranch, Inc.
    (formerly Alamasu, Inc.)
    Scott Hollembaek
    HC 62 Box 5580
    Delta Junction, AK
    12139 Rapeseed Way, off of mile 1403.5 Alaska Highway
    and 6 miles down Sawmill Creek Road
    907-895-4715 Farm
    907-895-4008 Home
    907-895-9810 Fax

    I have heard they have hogs...


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      hawaiian kine

      Ifyou want to hunt hogs in hawaii the best bet is to go to the big island and find a farmer with a large macadamia nut plantaiton and make really good friends with them.

      The pigs come onto the farm to feed on the fallen nuts and trees are planted in long rows which give good cover to you but also and field of view.



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        hog hunting in hawaii sounds like fun but i am goin through texas on a trip for the holidays so i thought i would try texas


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          I've never hunted hogs in Texas, but have taken several in Georgia on military land. I can't imagine hog hunting being any better than I had there. It is open to military and civilians and the cost would only be a Nonres liscence and post permit.


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            Contact Butch Manasee at www.worldwidehunts.com, and tell him you want to hunt hogs with Toby Joe Truby. Outstanding guide! I guarantee you won't come home unhappy!


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              Are you bow or gun hunting?


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                texas hogs

                we have hunted texas several timer neer rochester texas, wow fun hunt day or night no limit anything goes.


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                  You might try this site http://www.texasboars.com/ to see if you can find the info you're looking for.


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                    I have hunted hogs in SW Texas this last March. Killed 2 on the first day, also killed 2 Axis deer on the second day.

                    No guide was used. In Texas you can hunt hogs day or night and if you have a written note from owner stating you have permission to kill hogs you don't need to pay for a license either.

                    You can also hunt state lands too. I just can't image paying for a guide when Texas has SO MANY especially at this time of year.

                    Try some state lands, call the biologist or warden for the particular WMA you may be interested and they will probably take you to where they were last seen. That is exactly what I did earlier this year. Also, quiz them if they have heard of any other WMAs with hogs or if they know some private land owners where there are hogs. The hogs are a big problem and almost everyone wants them gone.

                    You can get the numbers for the biologist (etc....) from the Texas hunting manual or call their hunting department.

                    It should be real easy, like I said I did it.

                    BTW: I did notice a guide service advertising in OK for this tyoe of hunt and they wanted $800.00/hog and $2500/Axis deer around the Devil's Sink Hole area! I got 2 hogs and 2 Axis deer in 2 days for free (except the tags for Axis deer ~$50.00).

                    Good area is around San Antonio, especially Devil's Sink Hole area.



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                      Texs Hogs

                      What part of Texas are you traveling to? Hog hunting in Texas is usually very in-expensive. You can Hog hunt on the King ranch for $500.00 and that will be the high end. If you have not been on the King just seeing all of the game on that ranch is worth it. Huge racked Deer, Turkey, Javelina,Nelgai antelope etc. Finding a place to Hog hunt is not difficult and they are plentiful.


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                        hog hunt in Texas

                        In what area are you going to be? There are places with public land where you can hunt for nothing and in Texas you don't even have to have a hunting license to hunt hogs. If you are going to be in the Eastern part of Texas I might can point you in the right direction.


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                          Nothing to do with Alaska...

                          Since many of you have gotten a chance to add your posts to the thread, I think I'll shut this down now. This way it will slip off of the queue and leave space for Alaska related threads.




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