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    I am looking to buy a new rifle for hunting up here. I have an '06 but it has a wood stock and a blued barrell. I want a stailess synthetic. I a going back and forth between a 300 WSM and a 338. Is the 300 a big enough gun for moose. I don't think its big enough for brown bears but I think its big enough for everything else. I want to start moose hunting so I need a big enough gun for them. Thanks for your help

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    klickman - First of all, if you want a really wide range of opinions, search through the old forum archives for this topic. It has been discussed many times, with almost as many opinions as there are members here.

    I'm no rifle statistician (there are plenty of those here, though - especially in the shooting forum), but a 300 is plenty of gun for a moose. Heck, your 30-06 is the classic Alaskan moose gun, but everyone seems to be going bigger these days. The 300 will do just fine for moose. Heck, in my opinion it would do just fine for brown bears too (though there are those who would disagree).

    Anyhow, if the 300 is what interests you, buy it with confidence that it will be a fine moose gun.



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      Thanks Brian I think I will go with the 300. The more I think about it the more I lean toward the 300WSM


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        The 300 WSM will work for anything that walks in our forest as long as the right bullet is used along with shot placement.


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          I have a older ruger m77 wood blued 30-06 and have killed lots of moose with it. I wanted synthetic stainless, lighter and more power while I was at it for longer shots. In most real life situations you don't gain a whole lot more with a 300wsm or 300 win mag over an 06 with hot loads. At least not enough to justify buying a new rifle only for the caliber. That said I just bought a Kimber Montana .325WSM. Ballistics are better than a 300 and close to a 338. Weather proof, light and more power. Take a look at the .325WSM balistics. Big jump over an 06.
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            New Rifle

            Why not turn that '06 into a .338 or .35?

            Change the stock and coat the barrel and action.

            Ride well, shoot straight and be a man of honor.


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              I grew up shooting a .30/06, but a few years ago I bought myself a Ruger all-weather .300 win mag and it hasn't failed my yet, usually one shot and the moose is down. Only twice it required a follow-up shot when I hit a moose on the snout. My shot placement is usually head or right where the head is connected to the neck.
              But I bought a box of Hornady Light Magnums in only 150 grains and they have been flawless. Only shot a couple bulls with them, one shot each, and they went down without hesitation. I don't use the green and yellow boxed ammo anymore for big game.
              The emphasis is on accuracy, not power!


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                You can't go wrong with a 300 WSM for hunting in Alaska.


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                  The .300WSM will be fine, but there is more ammo for the .300WM in the local stores.


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