Good morning,

I am a moderator for the hunting forum. I (as well as some of the other moderators) have noticed that some of the threads/posts have been pretty dicey lately. Please remember that ALL posts must abide by the forum rules. See FAQ in the navigation bar above or go here:

It's a short and simple set of rules. If you haven't read it yet - now might be a good time. The goal with the forums is to share Alaska-outdoor related information in a family friendly environment. The goal, the rules, and the rule enforcement are some of the things that makes this site unique and for many of us appealing.

You are what make the site truly useful. Collectively you all represent a HUGE amount of outdoor information and experience. Pretty incredible really.

Please continue to ask, answer, share, inform, agree, disagree, ponder, suggest or whatever, but please do it while abiding by the rules.