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Point McKenzie Game Ranch/Farm?

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  • Point McKenzie Game Ranch/Farm?

    Can anyone help me get in contact with Point McKenzie Gam Ranch? Raises pheasant, has elk, turkey, etc near the end of the road. Talked to him last September but lost the phone#. I am training a young Chocolate Lab and need to get some bird experience on him soon. Thanks...

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    Falcon Ridge

    The name of the place is Falcon Ridge. Gary owns it. I think his number is 376-6714.


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      P M Game farm Del Ray Hobbs

      373-7310. I think this is the number you want. This is the one where you turn left at the "t", right on Holstein, then left at the Yeild sign, then right into his place. (Under the big log gate that says "Point M..."


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        That is the one! Thanks so much!


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          I was on that road today and saw a bunch of bison. I didn't know there was that many. Had to be close to 50 or so in one big herd.


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            pheasant shoot

            I believe Falcon Ridge, Gary's preserve is a membership only deal, however you can go a couple times I think as a guest before he asks you to become a member.

            The Arctic Bird Dog Club is having a pheasant shoot this weekend (8/25 and 8/26)at Falcon Ridge. Public is welcome if you want to get out and work your dog. The club members will plant the birds for you and you hunt them up with your dog or, if you dont have a dog you can hunt with one of the member's dogs.


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              Very pricey!


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