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Worth picking up caribou tag?

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  • Worth picking up caribou tag?

    I'll be hunting for brown bear in Area 17/19 this Fall. I haven't heard good things about the chance of seeing any decent (i.e., trophy) caribou in these areas. Is it even worth the money to buy a caribou tag just in case, or would I have a better chance of winning the lotery?

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    If you booked a bear hunt with a guide, that will be his #1 priority, getting you a bear. He probably won't let you shoot a caribou until you get your bear but I'd ask him first.


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      Why Not???

      Get a caribou harvest tag you have no reason not to unless your too lazy to go get one they are free that is if you are a res your profile dosen't say where your from


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        If you have to buy a tag I'm assuming you're an out of state hunter which means you're either on a guided hunt or are hunting with a 1st degree of kindred relative

        in one case you've already spent a lot of money to get out on this hunt......... in the other case you've already spent a TON of money....... on this hunt

        it's a $325 dollar gamble......

        you also can use that tag for a black bear or wolverine

        you could also use it on a wolf but a wolf tag is only $30....... might be worth it to buy one of those too........or even if you decide NOT to get the bou tag

        I've guided and hunted in the areas you're talking about and I've seen some pretty nice caribou pop up when supposedly they were "thin".......

        There are also some VERY nice black bears mixed in with the brownies in parts of those units...... if you come upon a NICE black bear you could put that caribou tag on it

        If I was doing it I'd spend the money and have the tag in my pocket but it's a gamble and it's your money.......


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          Yes its a guided hunt and you make a lot of sense. I'll pay the extra and get wolf and caribou tags.


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