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  • unbelevable

    I really like like wathching the outdoor life network. But I just saw a program called track and trail adventures. It features nascar personalities 8-3-06 9:30pm juneau time.
    The the guy was hunting red stag deer in new zealand. It was a pretty cool hunt in the mountains. after the kill they threw a rope around the antlers and hoisted the ****ed thing out with a helicopter!!!! Here in southeast in the tongass national forest and probably all troughout alaska its prob illigal to to hunt or transport game with a helicopter. Hunting or not helicopters Are not allowed to land on the the tongass forest areas. its a preserve.

    What the heck happened to tradition, old school way, and doin Like grandpa did? Bone Im' out and be man and and least pack im' out to the nearest float pond or supercub landing!! My best friend, and grandpa, and, hunting/fishing,mentor just passed away and it irks me a little to such a weakness and non tradition to be publicly displayad as a hunting procedure!!

    My hat is off to all you alaskans who do it like your dad and grandad showed you and have respect for the way things should be.

    Im sure the pride we all have for huntin like real men and makin our elders proud and workin for it is much more gratifying than have having 100k machine do pour huntin for us.

    Just a little tribute to our grandads.

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    I saw the same show...

    I was curious how they were going to get it out after they had walked way down into that valley. Then the guy whips out a handheld radio and calls for air support! I guess when you are a famous NASCAR driver and are paying big $$$ you don't have to do anything other than walk around and pull the trigger.

    Bet it makes for a nice, clean dressing though!

    The porcupine is a peaceful animal yet God still thought it necessary to give him quills....


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      Thats the third hunt I have seen in New Zeland where they did that but the other two were for some sheep like thing and some kind of monkey that they had to fly in on a helicopter and litteraly the copter would hoover next to a ledge and dudes would jump on to the ledge. There seemed to be only one way in and one way out unless you were to do some serious mountian climbing.


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        The helicopter is the Super Cub or raft of New Zealand.
        (dang wimps using airplanes to hunt when real men use ATVs :-) - J/K )
        There is a faster way off the mountain, might hurt a little though.:eek:


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          I know people who have been on winter caribou shoots ( I won't dignify it by calling it hunting) in Quebec. You rent a helicopter service, get flown around looking for trophy bulls, get dropped of in an easy place to shoot them from then the chpper comes back and sky hooks the animal back to the front yard of the cabin where you are staying. These people think I'm crazy for my preference to hunt on foot earlier in the season farther north and from a tent camp. I think they are the ones missing a large part of the equation.


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            welcome to reality!

            good thoughts Mike Echo. I know a guy who took at least five bears "for friends and family" in Alaska this year with his super cub. Hes a hard working hunter/pilot, but can one really call spotting a brown bear/griz from a super cub while still in the "stuper" of den sleep FAIR CHASE??! These bears stick out like sore thumbs in the frozen mountains around them!! What the ........ is that!!!?
            And it happens all the time~!
            Call it culling or whatever, but dont call if fair chase!
            I'm sorry , I see little difference in these types of hunts.
            Martentrapper, I'd like to know your thoughts on this especially.
            BTW: Chamois is also hunted same day with copter in NZ.

            Its all wrong.
            Proud to be an American!


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              Helicopter Hunting

              I wonder if I can get TEMPSCO or ERA to come and hoist a Moose out of the UNIK river for me? Lot's easier than cutting it up and packing it out. To save some money, maybe I could pack and rig a parachute to the dead moose and just have it air-dropped to a butcher shop. See, We all have been doing it all wrong over the years.

              From now on, to hunt game PROPERLY...
              Don't WASTE days or weeks hiking and camping away from home
              1. Hire a helicopter
              2. Shoot the animal from the helicopter
              3. hook up to the animal and fly away with the trophy

              A 3 week hunting trip can be accomplished after work in a few hours!
              Hunt more ground fast

              down side
              I need a new rifle because my guns are designed for a fixed position shot

              up side
              DPMS makes and AR10 in .300 RSUM

              ADFG - Please legalize Helicopter hunting. Thank you
              God, Guns and Guts is what made America Great


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