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  • Black Bear Hunting

    First of all I just moved up here to this wonderful place called Alaska in April. I was going to wait till next year when I become a resident to start hunting, but I cant wait. Its really eating at me and I'm going to buy my liscense and black bear tag this weekend. The thing is I have never hunted bear a day in my life. The only encounters I have had with bears is bluff charge down at the Russian. I know there is many different ways to hunt Blacks. The spot and stalk method seemed more my type of hunting. I was going to head up around Talketna this weekend, and go from there. If theres and pointers you guys can give, I'm all ears.


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    I would suggest

    going to a place like hope (kenai pen) first. I say this cuz talkeetna can get thick and as a first timer, I think you will be wasting your time. yes, it is all in learning.

    I say hope cuz you can drive up towards the mine and glass. you will see bear if you do your part. try to learn (as much as a human can)the behaviors of bears. you can watch them from the road and you can also go after one.

    If you want to north, head up to hatchers, alot of bears in there also. All I'm trying to say is that I would try to learn about them before traipsing through the woods trying to find one.



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      Black Bears

      If you are in hiking shape, I would take a hike down the russian lakes trail. That place is loaded with black bears. You can reserve a cabin on the trail ahead of time. The bear in my display picture is a blackie I got from that trail this spring.


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        lotsa bears

        if you're up for a hike, the country above timberline in denali STATE park is loaded with bears. i hiked in there one year, it was amazing. little work to get up high for sure, but bears on every hilltop it seemed.


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          if you want easy bears... Southeast AK get in a Skiff and find the nearest Salmon Stream. Take your pick. The Bears are thick down by the streams.
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            As we head into fall, take some hikes and get above treeline. Black bears will spend the last month or two before hibernation gorging on blueberries and crowberries. It's an awesome time to spend up in the mountains, and the bears will stick out like sore thumbs in the berry patches. Good luck!



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