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  • .375 H&H Bullet Choice?

    Which of the following would you recommend for both moose and coastal brown bear:

    - 250 gr. Trophy Bonded Bear Claw
    - 260 gr. Nosler Accubond
    - 300 gr. Trophy Bonded Bear Claw
    - 300 gr. Barnes Triple Shok X-Bullet

    Barrel length would probably be 22".

    BTW, these all Federal factory loadings as I do not reload.


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    I am shooting Federal Premiums in 300 grain Nosler Partitions, they are deadly on big brownies and moose don't have a chance!!


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      I would go with the 300 gr partition. The accubonds would be great for moose, but not sure I would trust them on the bears.


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        Federal CAPE SHOK for Alaska DG

        For Alaska Dangerous Game as you mention, Federal Cape Shok 300gr Barnes Triple Shok X Bullets are What I trust my life to while on DG hunts... And I DO reload, but use Factory loads when hunting things that can kill me.
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          Barnes X

          I am a big fan of the Triple shocks, I was using 350 triple shocks out of a .416 but the bullet I recovered weighed 353 grains, 3 grains of bone added.
          Both the coastal bears we shot last fall were grounded by triple shocks. One rifle was a .338 RUM and mine was the .416 Rem. But if the Trophy Bonded Bear Claws would have shot well in my rifle, I wouldn't have hesitated to use them. Go with the 300 grainers in the TBBC. My .02 pennies



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            Originally posted by AkHunter45
            I am shooting Federal Premiums in 300 grain Nosler Partitions, they are deadly on big brownies and moose don't have a chance!!


            n.p. always works for me too...
            Cold Zero
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              XXX...thats all you need to know, that bullet has never failed me and i use it in a 350 for my .416 my back up rifle when i guide bear hunters. if it really matters they'll all work, but i'd steer clear of the accubond, i like something with a wall in the middle at least. but the trippple X is my favorite. my guns run better on unleaded...
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                Thanks for advice, guys. I am a little shy about the TSX's based on very poor performance out of a 7MM Mag on Red Stag in NZ, but I guess I could give them another shot.


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                  300 grain Triple X or even the 270 grain Triple X.


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                    what happened on your stag hunt that you were disapointed with?
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                      I tagged a red stag with four shots (yes, four) of a 7MM Mag TSX at distances ranging from 50 to 250 yds and with shots ranging from broadside to quartering. None of the bullets expanded well. One folded over, another had almost zero expansion, another expanded some but lost some mass. I couldn't find the fourth. Overall, very disappointing. The guide indicated that in his 20+ years of guiding, he had seen the worst performance ever with TSX and Barnes X and strongly recommends against using them.

                      I am very down on them right now. OTOH, maybe it was the effects of the Southern Hemisphere.


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                        300 gr Swift A-Frame for me.


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                          Bear Claw

                          For guiding I'm using the 300 gr. Trophy Bonded Bear Claw in a Federal Premium.

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                            375 and 300 grains


                            TSX in 300 grain 375 will perform better than in 7mm, but for me it would be 300 Swift A-frame which are available in factory. The next choice would be 300 grain Nosler Partitions. (best performance with the 375 is with 300 grains) I too have seen the TSX performance you had with the Red Stag, more than once.

                            Heck guys a 416 will get the job done with about any bullet!

                            Good shootin'.

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                              bullets i've had the most problems with were remington cor-lokts, no suprise there and winchesters fail safe, i've seen those things fall apart just about everytime i've recovered one, might be designed for it i suppose.
                              i've been shooting X bullets in my .338 and .416 for the past eight years and haven't experienced anything like what you mentioned on your stag, but i don't like fast guns, my buddy down at Nosler don't like fast guns either.
                              What'll happen is...any bullet you pick will work fine for the perfect shot, as long as thats all you take. worse case senerio, just keep shooting!@
                              Master guide 212


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