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  • PWS Yesterday

    Went out of Whittier yesterday in search of the favorite flatfish and had a great time with the wife , kids & mother-in-law...
    Saw a 6 1/2 - 7 1/2 foot brownbear on the beach at Montegue.(sp ?)..
    Snow is still low on the mtns for the most parts, some of the smaller islands are snow free.

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    for the update!
    Always good to get out with the family
    Any luck on the fishing?


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      Yes was slow, we managed 7 halibut, nothing of noteworthy size though. Strange currents in familiar places, fished 300' around Montegue for a few fish, then into about 180' for the rest.


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        Halibut out of Whittier

        I rented a boat for this next weekend out of Whittier and have never fished there before. In fact I have only fished in Alaska twice. But know I am a legal resident and I am trying to find some Halibut, I have never caught one. If you could give me a gps location or an Island to fish off I would greattly appreciate it. If you dont want to post the location on here email it to me at


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          Whittier boat rentals

          Originally posted by grizzlysnightmare
          I rented a boat for this next weekend out of Whittier...

          If you don't mind my asking, where did you rent the boat and how much is it? Can you post a link?


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            They had a great selection of boats to pick from. I had to get a 23 foot bayliner with a 200 horse engine because it has a bathroom on board not a box you bring on, otherwise my wife would refuse to come with. The 20 footer with 125 horse engine is the cheapest at 425 a day for a 10 hour rental. They rent all fishing gear needed. Every rental day after is 10 % off. I went with a charter before and it doesnt look to hard. Ive got 4 friends coming with me and splitting the bill. If this goes well I may rent again and go look for a black bear. Ill post more after Im back from the trip.


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              Went out of whittier, even though we killed the only black bear we seen, there is allot of snow. His feet were soft, just out of hybernation. 2-3 weeks will be ideal. He was eatin these esparagus top lookin things in a clearing. Lots of hunteres goin out.


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