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  • 20a fly-in question/s

    Im trying to find a good flight service for a solo/unguided 20a hunt for caribou, was preferring to fly in from the Parks but have not had any luck with pilots doing drop-offs there (tried 2 out of cantwell) . I tried Delta Junction also but was turned off by the price of $1,800 - Is this the going rate for this drop-off ? Does anyone know of a good service from Healy or Fairbanks? Also may have a moose trip in Nov for Wood river moose so hope I can find a good pilot at fair price for both trips, any tips or info is much apprciated.

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    Try Nenana

    I don't know any flying sevices there but you might find one if you call the chamber of commerce.

    I think likely Fairbanks is the place to find one.
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      Did you draw a tag for that area? Check with Wright Air Service out of Fairbanks.


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        Ditto on Wright Air service. Also check Golden Eagle Outfitters from Delta Junction.


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          thanks for the info

          hey guys thanks for the info -
          I will probably go with Wright, It will be easier for me to go from Fairbanks, Ill keep looking for a cantwell/healy pilot - Wright should do it for half the cost of a another service.
          Yes I won a drawing for 20 a caribou and also moose in Novembor with muzzleloader so I want to make the most of it - i have gone several years without any draws.


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            20a bou fly in rates

            hey, congrats on drawing. I did too. Still not sure if I will do a fly in or not. Seems pricey. If you don't mind, let me know what you find out and end up doing. I'd appreciate any info you can provide.
            Thanks and good luck!!!


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              fly in

              I have used Wright's several times (helio-courier) and all have been great. I fly in to camp on the Wood and the helio does a wounderful job.


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                Hi AKBama!
                Thanks for the info.
                Do you know what model Helio they fly?


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                  Not sure what model they are but here's some pictures.
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                    Helio where

                    I think I have flown on that same Helio a number of times in ANWR but do not recognize that strip. Where was that picture taken if you don't mind me asking? I know there are a number of strips up there and I have only been to a few but that one doesn't particularly look familar to me.


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                      Thanks! Yah, I was wondering how much of aload they can carry, so if you got a caribou how many trips out? That sort of thing.


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                        I think I went out in N6481V (Helio H-295) and was told that if it fit in the aircraft it could go and that weight would not be an issue. We (2 persons 450 lbs) flew out with all the gear ( 16 ft raft,frame,rifles,food,cots,tent...)plus some for a week plus float down the wood river. H-295 has a Useful load of 1,700 lbs or so. Hope this helps.



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                          Helio legal load

                          Bob, the owner of Wright Air Service, and one heck of a Helio pilot, has to abide by FAA rules. The weight limit (and they do weigh everything, usually) for the Helio is 750lbs max. That includes everything besides the pilot and gas. So if two passengers weighed 450lbs, that means they could load up another 300lbs in the plane, if it will fit. Since the Helio has such a large baggage area, you definitely can't take "whatever will fit" in the plane <grin>. Just wanted to clarify that as I don't want people getting the wrong idea and then being disappointed when it won't all go in the plane. We've done a lot of biz with Wright's over the years, winter and summer. Some of the places they land in summer/fall (shorter gravel-bar strips) can't handle the whole max weight capacity going in. But "750 pounds max" is their standard answer to "how much can I bring?"

                          AKhunter, great pics. The pics are deceiving as to size...if someone were sitting on one of the wheels in the ANWR pic, you'd really get a feel for how big that plane is!

                          Best to all,

                          Mark Richards


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                            Fly-in stuff

                            Thanks for the great info guys!


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                              Just to clarify my statement of “USEFUL LOAD” that was directly off of the manufactures website. My understanding of useful load includes pilot, fuel, passengers (rated for 5 plus pilot) and gear. I would suggest getting in touch with the air service for clarification.
                              Not under any circumstances was I insinuating that Wright does not follow all FAA and/or company rules or regulations. I have had several flights from that company and found them to be very professional, honest and trustworthy.



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