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Rust proofing blued steel??

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  • Rust proofing blued steel??

    I am going to the brooks range(kotzebue) to hunt caribou next year. I have a mod 70 with a synthetic stock and blued steel and was wondering if anybody ever tried waxing the steel to keep it from rusting?

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    I've not yet tried this myownself, so caveat emptor, but . . . I was told by a friend in KTN who is a builder of fine muzzleloaders that the way to protect the steel from rusting is to buy some carbolated petroleum jelly (available off the web, an probably at a pharmacy near you). Remove the barrelled action from the stock and coat it thoroughly with the carboleum. Using a butane torch with a flame spreader, heat the barrel and action evenly just until the cpj starts to smoke - then stop. Don't really slap the heat to it, just enough to get the petroleum jelly to start to smoke.

    When it is cool, wipe everything off, and oil as normal. The extra Cs in the cpj bond with the steel and prevent the H2Os from bonding with the Fe and forming rust. I plan on trying it with my shotgun.
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      Is this a gun you use where you live? Are you worried rusting will be worse in Alaska?
      If you were going to spend a few months in kotz, I'd take some extra steps to protect the gun. Your going there for what.............10 days? Plus your going inland to hunt. it won't be any more corrosive where your hunting, than where you live.
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        Just get a can of spray satin poly eurthane(spelling may be wrong). When done take fingernail polish and remove. Simple and cheap.

        Works for years



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          Rusty Duck??

          I saw a post earlier about a product called Rusty Duck. Seems like it should work for a rainy hunting trip.. Anybody know anything about this? thanks Les


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            " Rustproof " blued steel

            Breakfree, It's Great Stuff !


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              [B]Having backpacked, and hunted in the northeast for many years we used a product called RIG. Just remove the action dry compleatly, and coat ,and reasemble. You might try a hairdryer, in place of a torch so as to not weaken the steel temper. I think midwayusa has it. Enjoy Bill.
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                If you want to spend a little money, there's a service out there called Black Ice Coatings. It's a teflon coating, supposedly it makes the gun 100% waterproof. I think they charge around $150. I've been thinking about having my .357 done, but haven't gotten around to it. They have a website,


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                  Birchwood Casey wipes

                  I would have to agree with martentrapper. You should not have to do anything up here to protect your guns from rust that you are not already doing. I moved up here (Nome) in November from North Carolina. I have several guns that I shoot weekly. The rain here is the same as the rain anywhere else. Perhaps just less polution in it. One thing i do highly suggest is the individual packed gun wipes. I have used them for years and they are fantastic. Cheap and convenient. Birchwood Casey and Remington make them. The Birchwood Casey is more of a rust preventitive and should be the perfect thing for you to wipe down that Model 70 with each night at camp. They are available at Wal Mart. One of the grocery stores (AC) here in Nome even sells them. By that measure, the AC (Alaska Commercial) grocery store in Kotzebue may sell them too. I am heading up to Kotz next week myself. Going to take a 13 day float trip on one of the lower tributaries of the Noatak. Trophy Dolly Vardon fishing. Also alot of bears. Saw 21 up in that area on a similar trip in August 2004. Got a stainless Marlin 45-70 guide gun and S & W 500 with 4" barrel just because of that. Was real unprepared last time. Back home a .44 special would be ample. I felt like I was carrying a water pistol when I saw a bear walk into camp. Luckily he was as scared of us as we were of him. Point being, I am taking the Birchwood Casey up there to keep the guns in pristine condition just in case I need them. Once each night just wipe the gun down. Convenient, cheap, and shines like a diamond.
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                    you can always Dura-Coat the rifle if you want to get real serious about rust proofing. Worry more about Dust Proofing and bug proofing..

                    Are Polar Bears coming in town and inland in Nome and Koz like they are in Barrow this year?
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                      Your hunting inland away from saltwater and will probably have a good four season tent to get out of the weather in the evenings. Use paste wax on the metal under the stock before you come up and just wipe the rifle down with a rag with whatever your favorite oil is each night (if it gets wet) you'll be fine. P.S. Break Free is from my experience one of the better protectant oils out there for guns.


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                        Automotive Paste Wax.


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                          Can you just grab a spray can of flat black and paint the barrel? I've thought of doing this just to eliminate the shine.


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                            Great replys

                            I'll be in Kotz late Sept '07. Ya, it is a gun I hunt with around here but here I can take it in the basement every night and dry it out. Camping for 7 days, possibly in the rain, will be very different. No real dry heat to apply to the steel to get it dried. Thanks for all the great ideas.


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                              Gun Wipes

                              I'm with Danwiththerocks - I have used blued guns on a 10 day bear hunt where it rained 8 of the 10 days and had no problem. Just every other day or so would wipe the gun down with a Birchwood gun wipe and had no problems.


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