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Cabela's Euro Binocs?

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  • Cabela's Euro Binocs?

    Just wanted to see if anyone has had experience w/ Cabela's new Euro Bino's. It's time for new optics but will be stretching the buck @ $800, while Swarovskis and Leicas are way out of the park. Thanks for the advice.

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    I highly reccomend looking into these if you are in town we could get together if you wanna check them out.


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      Binos for $800

      If you have that much money for good binos I suggest you contact Doug (gr8fuldoug is his call sign) on the 24 hourcampfire forum website here is the link
      This guy is part owner of an outfit called Camerland and sponsors the campfire forum web site, and his prices are unbeateable! Guaranteed he will beat anyone on any price for Zeiss, Leica, Minox, Pentax, Nikon and Swaro and I think he will be able to provide you with some amazing glass in that price range ( he is way cheaper than Cabelas) and is an authorized dealer for the above glass. He will have it to you in 3 days to Alaska. I bought new binos and a new spotter from him in the last 6 months, his service is the best and he is very knowledgable in his opinions.If your not 100% satisfied with what you got just send it back and he'll refund your money back or swap them out with something else. I assure you, you will be amazed by his service and prices. Just check out that forum in the optics section and all the praise he gets and the amazing deals he has. I wont buy new stuff from anyone else anymore. He also has demos on all of the above products I listed with like new warranties and way reduced prices. You'll be sorry if you dont check him out.


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        I have not tried the Euro's outside but I did compare them a few months back with several other brands inside a Cabela's store. I wasn't all that impressed with them. For the money I would look into something like the Bushnell Elite's, the Leupold Gold Rings or the Pentax DCF SP model. A step up price wise would be the Swarovski SLC's or a much bigger step to the EL's.

        If at all possible do a side by side comparison of several brands at a store but go outside where you can see for a long distance and alternate back and forth between them. You'll be able to tell pretty quickly which is best for you. I did this a number of years back when I had my heart set on a certain model and low and behold I found out that a $350 pair of Pentax DCF WP's were an easy match for some of the European brands. I didn't buy anything that day and shortly after the Pentax model want on clearance due to a model change taking place and I picked up a pair for $250.

        I've since used them from New Mexico to Alaska and they have excellent resolution and clarity. During a guided elk hunt in steep mountain country with long viewing distances I swapped bino's for awhile with my guide's Swarovskis and he wanted to keep mine as they provided sharper detail and resolution. How the newer DCF WP model compares I don't know but my point is to thoroughly check out several brands and models side by side if you can.

        Happy shopping!


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          just got my new Euro's today and i love them so far. i've used the swaro's, leica, ziess, alaska guide series, brunton, leupold golden ring and i really like these ones. obviously swaro's take the cake in my opinion, whatever thats worth, everyones face and eyes are different. brunton, leupold, ziess i didn't care for, the ziess have a fish bowl in them when you glass, gave me headaches. the alaska guide series for the money are great, one pair lasted me six years of guiding. the leupold didnt' fit my face very well and i had a hard time focusing them. these Euro's fit my face, and i feel like i'm seeing thru them, rather than looking thru them. so far so good. they got great reviews in teh outdoor life issue here a month or so back, made my Meopta, check out there websight.
          Basicly good glass is good glass, ergonmics and handling will start to count for something after a certian point. try as many as you can, then decide, lots are good, a few are great and some really suck!

          Master guide 212


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