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    I apologize in advance for this request for assistance on this forum, but I couldn't think of a better place to get the help that I need.

    My uncle, Tom Williams, owns the reindeer farm and a hay farm out at Point Mckenzie. Every year I help him by cutting willows that he stores as winter feed for the moose, bison, deer, elk and reindeer on his farm. Mostly the willows are for the moose.

    The Alaska Moose Federation has won the right to set up an ophan moose rescue station. I am not clear on all of the details, but when cows with calves get killed the AMF will go out and capture the calf and transport it to the rescue station. After the calf has reached the point of self sufficiency F&G will release the calf into the wild. Hopefully in places lacking in moose population.

    The station will be located on roughly 80 acres of farm land on the Williams Hay Farm. One of the requirements is that the AMF show the ability to provide for the moose. That means we need willows. I have not been able to go out to cut willows except one time this years and I need your help to bring in this summers crop of willows.

    If you can help I will be cutting willows at the Williams hay farm on Sunday, Aug. 6th. What you will need is a strong back and a pair of sharp pruning shears. I will provide the ropes that are needed. I am hoping for 10 men to help for three hours. Afterwards you can take a side trip to the Little Su for some silver fishing or If you would like we'd love to offer you a free tour of the Reindeer farm at the Butte to see the animals that you will be benefitting with your labor.

    Remember that the moose that we save today may become the food in your freezer in 5 years time. It is possible that the Moose rescue center might be able to save up to 100 moose a year if you consider all the cows with calves that are killed on our roads every winter. With their mothers gone those calves are almost sure not to survive the winter. Just think how many moose that will translate into when they reproduce for the next 5 to 10 years.

    If you can help please PM me and I will give you directions. I will be meeting people at Settlers Bay Lodge and guiding them out to the farm at 9:00 am Sunday Aug. 6th

    If you have any questions please ask.

    Thank you in advance.

    Sincerely, Cheechako Bill

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    Moose calves

    I wish there was a place like this earlier this spring when my brother and i found the baby moose on the creek up north and fish and game put it down.
    I've allready got charter plans this weekend, but I may be able to find some folks to chip in.
    thank you for your efforts. As a sportsman and animal lover I'm always glad to see people making an effort on thier own to do something to help.


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      Not yet a program....

      I am just working to feed some moose at this point. I am just starting the discussion with my uncle and am very interested in developing this program with the help of grants from hunting and environmental groups alike. Our aim is to help regrow moose populations in Alaska.

      If you find some people that would like to go PM me so that i can make arrangements to meet them. Other wise I will be cutting willows all day. Because I am going sheep hunting next weekend this is my last chance to get the willows before they turn yellow.

      Thanks again to all of you.

      Cheechako Bill


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