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  • Sheep & Mosquitoes

    I leave for sheep camp in th Alaska Range next week. Any idea if bugs will be an issue this year? Sounds like there has been plenty of rain.

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    I have the same ? about the brooks range. any idea about the bug situation?


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      Bug Info

      I just checked the "bugs-r-us" website and they said to bring a headnet - its cheap insurance and is extremely light.


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        The bugs are out in full effect its just the day to day weather that dictates their density and nuisance levels in your surroundings.Wind, temp, and elevation all play a part but it changes from day to day and hour to hour.


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          We've never had bug problems in the mountians while sheep hunting. Maybe black flies in the wetter ground for alpine moose, but never bugs in sheep country.
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            What? Bugs in AK? I thought that was the old lady nagging the whole just kidding.

            Seriously up high, you might run into some bug but bring along a good head net and you shouldnt have a problem. You should be fine unless you make basecamp in a soupy area. Personnally I have never run into a bug problem while sheep or goat hunting, until I got back to camp.


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              Forget the skeeters! The yellow jackets are swarmin like crazy all over the place!!
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                Is it worth the extra-

                Ounce! That would be my question. We've never taken a net, but do take a small amount of the cream repellent


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                  The wasps and yellow jackets have been really bad this least in the interior. I was stung twice the other day cutting sticks to roast marsh mellows with my kids!

                  For sitting around camp, maybe bringing along a thermacell may not be a bad idea. They are not heavy and can always be left in camp or at the strip if the bugs are not bad. We used them this year during spring bear season and they worked perfect.


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                    No bugs up high...yeah right

                    Last year in the Wrangells we were eaten alive clear to the top of the mountain. I've never had it happen before on a sheep hunt but once was enough for me. I'm gonna hold off on the Oreo's for a couple days and lose 5 oz or so cause the bug spray and a head net are going with me on the 12th.

                    The bugs were unbearable while we were cleaning the rams last year, its making me itch remebering them.


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                      +1 Duster, I have had to climb up real high just to get out of the bugs more than once and if the wind wasn't blowing they didn't go away. Thats the big downside to hunting sheep in 70+ degree weather.


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                        Please make sure yer downwind of me and my ram when yer sprayin that cr*p...thanks much, Frank
                        And hey, take a bug suit too,whats another, 8 lbs?!
                        Proud to be an American!


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