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Afognak Island Elk (3 Questions)

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  • Afognak Island Elk (3 Questions)

    After getting lucky enough to draw a permit for elk on Afognak Island I now have the task of training up and planning for this hunt. On that note I have three questions:

    1) Does anyone have experience with or knowledge of the guiding services on Afognak? I have seen some of the websites but was looking for an insider's opinion on their hunting experience. As well I'd like to know if this is thought of as the ONLY way to be successful.

    2) Has anyone done this hunt successfully using the road system and public use cabins? I am young (37), athletic and able to cover lots of ground while hunting/hiking. It was my intent to take a small pack-tent to have access to a spike camp at a more remote location from which to hunt.

    3) Has anyone hunted the lakes or shorelines for elk from an inflatable canoe? We have one (39lbs.) and were contemplating a couple of forays out into the lakes for hunting (and a little fishing, too). With kayak guiding background we thought that it might be a little sketchy with the October weather but really have to rely on the experience of others to guide our decision to pack it with us or not.

    Thanks in advance, your collective experience (and willingness to persevere our abject stupidity) is appreciated.


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    i have hunted afognak before.

    personally, i would not be comfortable with an inflatable/deflatable canoe. that water is very, very cold and there is no one coming to your aid quickly enough to make a difference in the event of a problem.

    enjoy your hunt and be safe.
    Cold Zero
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      Which tag did you draw?

      I recently just drew the de721 elk tag for the eastern half of Afognak and I am trying to find the same info as you. I am going to contact the fish and game in Kodiak to get some harvest reports. Do you have a hunting partner?


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        Recommend you consider hunting from a boat, looking for Elk on the beaches and having a guide take you into the beach via Zodiak. Afognak is a tough hunt to foot it even when flying onto a lake or onto the beach and hiking in. If you hike around, take a satellite phone for sure and do not hunt alone. There are many large bears there and the terrain is very tough where the Elk live. Be safe and have a great hunt.


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          Afognak Elk

          I have done a few solo hunts on Afognak, from tent, from cabin and from a boat. Also did a few with a buddy. I have never seen elk down low, they were always up quite a ways. It's sort of a running joke that they stack the land sideways on Afognak, if you are willing to do a lot climbing you should find some elk. I have had the plane fly around a little bit before dropping me off and will sometimes spot a herd. Good Luck.


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            i drew a DE711 cow tag, where is your permit?? i might need a partner. Logan


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