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  • charlie river floating & hunting

    I'm coming mid august to hunt Caribou and float the Charlie River back to Circle Alaska. Any info on type of conditions, river levels, hunting opportunies would be greatly appreciated. I am from Montana and hunting with a brother-in -law who has never hunted this area either. Thanks in Advance Bob

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    Charley River


    I'm sorry, but I can't be much help with this river. I suspect a good place to start would be the Yukon-Charley National Preserve headquarters in Eagle. They could potentially provide some help with current river levels and what to expect. Their website is here:

    The only other thing I can recall is a couple years back I remember reading about a group of folks that were stranded up on the Charley. They got dropped in with open canoes and were unprepared for the conditions they met. I think the water was low and areas of pretty nasty rapids developed. I may not be recalling correctly, but at any rate I would recommend doing as much research ahead of time so you don't get surprised when you get in there.



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